Holiday 2023

December 10, 2023

As we near the holiday season, we'd like to express our gratitude for your business and ongoing support. Your confidence in us is deeply appreciated, and we're truly thankful for the chance to assist you.

May this festive season bring you and your dear ones immense joy, boundless happiness, and countless cherished moments.

From all of us at Carotek, we extend warm wishes for a delightful holiday season and a prosperous new year!


Carotek Holiday Hours

  • Friday before - 12/22 - close at noon
  • Christmas Eve Sunday –12/24 – closed
  • Christmas Day Monday – 12/25 – closed
  • Day after Christmas Tuesday 12/26 – closed
  • Friday before New Year's 12/29 - close at 2 PM
  • New Year’s Eve 12/31 – Sunday – closed
  • New Year’s Day 1/1 – Monday - closed

Holiday True or False


How many can you answer correctly?  To view the answers, just scroll down,  but don't scroll too soon.  Santa knows if you cheat!

Holiday game


Holiday Questions with Answers

  1. Frosty the snowman’s nose was made out of a carrot. Answer: False - Button
  2. Last Christmas is the best-selling Christmas single of all time. Answer: False – White Christmas
  3. Christmas trees are a major fire hazard. Answer: False – A natural tree, especially a tree that is kept watered, is extremely difficult to ignite from an accidental ignition source found in a home.
  4. USPS Delivers more than 20.5 million packages per day in December. Answer: True
  5. Jingle Bell Rock is the most recorded Christmas song in history. Answer: False – Silent Night
  6. Christmas was not always celebrated on December 25. Answer: True.  According to Roman Catholic sources, the date was changed from January 6th to December 25th in order to override a pagan feast dedicated to the birth of the Sun which was celebrated on December 25th.  January 6 was Jesus’s baptism date.
  7. Switzerland is credited as starting the Christmas tree tradition. Answer: False – Germany
  8. Each year approximately 15,000 people visit the ER because of Christmas related injury. Answer: True
  9. Consuming Mistletoe can cause vomiting, diarrhea, cramping. Answer: True
  10. Traditionally eggnog was given to animals during the holiday season. Answer: False – In the Thirteenth-century the upper classes were the only ones to have access to the milk, sherry, and eggs required to make the first version of eggnog. It was an exclusive beverage.
  11. The US is the leading exporter of Christmas trees. Answer: False – Canada
  12. The first artificial Christmas tree was made of goose feather that were dyed green. Answer: True