Reduce Energy Use with Industrial Process System Energy Savings Audits

Date of post: June 20, 2023

What are Industrial Process Energy Audits?

Industrial Process Energy Audits are performed to help reduce energy usage, which helps with energy and cost savings, as well as overall decarbonization in industrial processes. Carotek offers Energy Audits to uncover possible improvements to insulation performance on steam systems where the existing insulation has never been installed – or has been removed and never replaced.

ndustrial Process Energy Audits

What types of equipment can benefit from Carotek Energy Audit ?

Carotek can audit complete process systems and most often find insulation opportunities on equipment such as:

  • gate valves
  • pressure-reducing valves
  • flanges, strainers
  • steam traps
  • heat exchanger heads
  • boiler heads
  • PRV stations
  • condensate pumps

How much Energy Savings is typically found during an Energy Audit?

A typical Energy Survey will show a payback period on investment of approximately oneto two years. Shannon Thermal Insulation Blankets can be quickly installed and provide immediate energy savings and insulation. Once a new thermal blanket is installed, it has immediate savings. Here is a typical energy audit report.