Industries and Applications Carotek Serves

Carotek serves many customers in many different industries.  Let us help you optimize your process lines.  Contact us today to discuss your project, learn more about our on-site services, or help you specify and order the right products.

  • Chemical Processing
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Municipal
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal Care
  • Energy, Power & Utilities
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Paint, Solvents & Adhesives
  • Sanitary & Hygienic

Chemical Process Equipment

Chemical process equipment faces rigorous demands for safety and reliability. Carotek works with suppliers to ensure that chemical processing equipment – pumps, valves, instrumentation, and steam equipment is safe.

Commercial Building Operations Systems

Carotek can help optimize your current facility operations system, assist with repairing a building’s pressure boosting system, or provide steam audits to increase your energy savings.

Energy & Utilities Process Equipment

Carotek can help ensure your instrumentation, pumps, valves, and steam products work with your system to maximize efficiency and lower emissions. Find out how.

Food & Beverage Equipment

Carotek can provide the expertise, products and service to meet requirements for food & beverage - pumps, instrumentation, valves, steam & hydronics - all certified to meet the stringent requirements of hygienic and sanitary operations.

Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Carotek provides manufacturing process pumps designed for manufacturing and industrial applications in heavy machinery, mining, metal, rail, minerals, and more.

Institutional Building Operations Solutions

Carotek can help you implement the right systems for water systems, heating and cooling, and environmental control in institutional buildings - schools, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes and more.

Municipal Water & Wastewater

Water for our World - Municipal Water & Wastewater Equipment to meet the needs of municipalities.

Paint & Solvents Equipment

Carotek provides pumps for specialized processes for making paint, solvents, adhesives, inks and glues.

Pulp & Paper Process Equipment

Let Carotek help you select pumps, valves, steam, and instrumentation to meet your production requirements as well as safety and environmental standards in Pulp & Paper processes.

Personal Care Industry Equipment

Whether manufacturing beauty products, dental care, or shampoo, it’s important to find equipment suited for the application. Let Carotek help.

Pharmaceutical Process Equipment

Carotek can help you meet the ongoing challenges of developing and delivering medication and other pharmaceutical products in a hygienic, safe, and efficient way.

Sanitary & Hygienic Equipment

Hygienic and Sanitary equipment to meet needs of Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Biotech and more.