Endress+Hauser Featured Downloads – Q4 2022

December 21, 2022

Download all of the Q4 featured resource downloads from Endress+Hauser here. Application Guides, E-books, White Papers, Brochures, Video Recordings and Case Studies.

At Lucite International, a global manufacturer of acrylic-based products, a flowmeter monitoring the rate of flow from a reactor vessel to the downstream process was producing an incorrect reading. They could not determine why the meter was periodically indicating zero flow through the pipeline, causing the process to automatically shut down as a safety precaution.

Download the case study below to see how Endress+Hauser Group's Heartbeat Technology interfaced with the SMT70 to identify the issue without interrupting the process:
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Climbing around equipment to check the status of your devices can be time consuming and dangerous for technicians.

With HeartbeatTechnology, you can check the health of your devices from anywhere and minimize downtime. Download Endress+Hauser Group's brochure to learn more. 
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We are excited to bring you the new CA78 TOC analyzer from Endress+Hauser Group. This analyzer is designed specifically for the power and energy industry with precise and reliable online monitoring of low-range TOC values.


Precise measurement at low maintenance saves time and money in the LifeSciences industry. With the Endress+Hauser Group CA79 low-range TOC analyzer, get a real-time overview of water quality with precise measurement.


Endress+Hauser Group's newly developed iTEMP TMT31 temperature transmitter for analog 4-20mA signals is characterized by its long-term stability, high accuracy, and ease of use. These attributes make it an important pillar for reliable temperature measurement even if your process requires Zone 2/Div. 2 hazardous approvals.


Let us introduce you to the new standard when it comes to measuring large flow rates in the oil and gas industry: Endress+Hauser Group's Proline Promass Q 300/500 with 4-tube technology!

This Coriolis meter offers outstanding precision and low pressure loss on pipe sizes up to 10" (DN 250), saving you time and money.