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Filtration processes have many applications in industry, but all have one thing in common: filtration is used to isolate solids or remove impurities suspended in a fluid. In most cases, filters are not reusable. Although pipeline strainers are a type of filtration that serves a similar function to industrial filters, filters are generally more complex solutions used for smaller particle sizes.

Pipeline strainers are a type of filtration solution designed to collect solid particles from a fluid as it passes through a removable screen. In some cases the material collected is unwanted, although it may also be collected for use in another process. Pipeline strainers are the simplest type of filtration system, and like other filtration systems, are intended to protect valuable or sensitive equipment downstream. The difference between a pipeline strainer and other types of filters is that pipeline strainers generally present low resistance to the flow. Strainers usually are intended to remove slightly larger particles, and they are designed to be reusable.

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