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Industrial Filtration Products Offered

As an authorized distributor and manufacturer’s representative, Carotek offers the highest quality industrial filtration products from top industrial filter manufacturers such as Eaton Filtration, BECO, Hygenitec and Viking Pump.

Applications for Industrial Filtration Systems

Industrial filtration processes are used to isolate solids or remove impurities suspended in a fluid. Filtration has many applications in industry, such as separation, cleaning, and purification of raw material and intermediate level products. To accomplish these filtration processes, a variety of filtration technologies used in industries as diverse as Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, and Water Filtration.

Industrial Strainers

Filtration strainers (or pipeline strainers) are the simplest type of filtration system. They are designed to collect solid particles from a fluid as it passes through a removable screen in a pipeline. In some cases, the material collected is unwanted, although it may also be collected for use in another process.

Like other filtration systems, strainers are intended to protect valuable or sensitive equipment downstream. The difference between filtration strainers and other types of filters is that strainers generally present low resistance to the flow. All types of industrial strainers products are usually intended to remove larger particles that are visible to the naked eye, and they are designed to be reusable.

Industrial Filters

Filters are generally more complex industrial filtration solutions than strainers, and they are used for smaller particle sizes usually measured in microns. In most cases, filter elements are not reusable, and are designed to be discarded.

Industrial Water Filtration

Industrial water filtration processes are designed to remove impurities from a raw water source, with various filtering solutions in place to capture and remove impurities and achieve the correct water quality. System components often include automatic self-cleaning strainers, pipeline strainers, bag filtration systems, backwashing filters, mechanically cleaned filters, and cartridge filtration. Because all industrial water filtration challenges are unique, a combination of filtration technologies may be necessary to create an industrial water filtration system that meets your needs exactly.

Learn more about optimal filters and industrial strainers systems for various applications in our Filtration and Strainers Selection Guide.


What are industrial filters?

Industrial filters are devices used during industrial processes to remove impurities or isolate solid particles that are suspended in a liquid or gas. Industrial filters are designed for small particle sizes, and are generally not meant to be reusable.

What are industrial strainers?

Pipeline strainers are a type of filtration solution designed to collect solid particles from a fluid as it passes through a removable screen. Pipeline strainers are the simplest type of filtration system, and like other filtration systems, are intended to protect valuable or sensitive equipment downstream.

What is the difference between strainers and filters?

The main differences between strainers and filters are particle size and reusability. Generally, filters are more complex solutions used for smaller particle sizes, and they are not reusable. Strainers are reusable, are used to remove slightly larger particles, and generally present low resistance to the flow.

What are the major types of strainers used in industry?

There are several major types of strainers used in industry depending on the pipeline configuration and the material. The primary types of industrial strainers are:

  • Basket strainers (simplex or duplex)
  • Y strainers
  • Temporary strainers

Other types include back flushing, automatic self-cleaning, and special application strainers. Choosing the right strainer depends on particle size and process needs.

Which filtering devices are used in industry?

Filtering devices used in industry range from various types of industrial filters to industrial strainers. Some of the most common industrial filters include bag filters, cartridge filters, sheet filters, and automatic self-cleaning filters. Common types of industrial stainers include simplex or duplex basket strainers, Y strainers, temporary strainers, and more specialized types such as back flushing, automatic self-cleaning, and special application strainers.

What are the industrial uses of filtration?

Generally industrial uses of filtration collect unwanted material from a process fluid, although in some cases the material collected may be used in another process. Examples of industrial filtration include water filtration and purification, air filtration, and product filtration in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. The purposes of industrial filtration include:

  • efficiency
  • product isolation to maintain purity and remove byproducts (either useful or not useful)
  • protecting the environment and workers from health hazards and environmental issues
  • protecting equipment downstream in the process
  • purify the medium from contaminants

How much does a commercial water filtration system cost?

The cost of a commercial water filtration system varies widely depending on system sizing and filtration steps required. The number and complexity of commercial filters strainers and other components affect the overall price tag. Contact your Carotek representative for a closer estimate based on your commercial water system needs.

What are the best industrial water filtration solutions?

The best industrial water filtration solutions vary widely depending on the process, and an industrial water system may include several types of filtration for various steps. Depending on the use (water intake, boiler feed, drinking water treatment, manufacturing plant cooling water, or power plant turbine protection), other types of industrial filtration may be used in combination with reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and ultrafiltration equipment. These include pipeline strainers, automatic self-cleaning strainers, filter bags, cartridges, and mechanically cleaned strainers. For example, for river water, lake water, or sea water intake, a pipeline strainer suited for the water salinity is often the most elegant solution.

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