Save up to 50% Energy by Optimizing Pumps

Date of post: August 16, 2023

Inefficient pumps can waste substantial amounts of energy and water, resulting in unnecessary expenditures. Studies have shown that 30% to 50% of the energy consumed by pump systems could be saved through equipment or control system changes.

Grundfos Energy Savings Chart

Optimize Your Pumps and Reduce Operating Expenses

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, "dramatic energy and cost savings can be achieved in pump systems by applying best energy management practices and purchasing energy-efficiency equipment." One of the easiest ways to save hundreds of thousands every year can be as simple as replacing your old and inefficient pumps.

Energy optimizing your pumps saves energy, improves reliability, and minimizes downtime. In addition, upgrading pumps to green, energy-efficient solutions reduces carbon emissions and boosts your environmental profile. The challenge is to identify the best opportunities for savings you can expect from energy-optimized solutions.

Energy Analysis Identifies Easy Savings Opportunities

Carotek offers options to analyze your pump systems for easy way to improve your bottom line. With the help of Carotek Energy Checks and Carotek Energy Audits, your company can identify huge energy savings that can be achieved by simply optimizing pumping processes.

Plant Energy Check

Carotek offers a free, non-binding Energy Check to develop an easy-to-understand assessment of your pumps and identify savings opportunities.

The process is simple:

  1. Schedule an on-site Energy Check, which requires no downtime and minimal administration.
  2. A Carotek specialist will visit your site to perform an analysis. Two options are possible:
    • a basic energy check that uses data from the nameplates of pumps and motors, or
    • an advanced energy check using data pulled from your SCADA system or from on-site measurements
  3. You will receive a customized Energy Check report detailing:
    • energy consumption of installed pumps
    • CO2 emissions of installed pumps
    • savings opportunities

The Energy Check report highlights suggestions for saving energy and energy expenses to help your company improve its environmental profile. In some cases, pumps may be recommended for replacement with new pumps that have the same specs but lower energy consumption or reduced CO2 emissions, or recommendations may focus on optimizing pumps for their application.

Plant Energy Audit

Carotek also offers an Energy Audit, which is a comprehensive analysis of pump performance. With this diagnostic tool, Carotek specialists identify excessive energy consumption based on specific pump performance measurements.

Energy audits can significantly reduce operating cost and help the climate. The energy audit itself focuses on the amount of material each pump handles and on flow variations during a short, well-defined period.

  1. During the audit, a Carotek Grundfos specialist takes onsite measurements of:
    • countable values such as flow and energy consumption;
    • analogue values such as pressure, temperature, and water levels;
    • incident rates such as pump start/stop, and valve open/close.
  2. Based on these metrics, the specialist performs a data analysis focusing on the amount of material a pump handles and flow variations.
  3. You will receive an energy audit assessing the overall efficiency of your pumps and proposing changes to improve efficiency based on calculations of CO2 emission reductions as well as potential savings and payback time on the up-front investment.

Contact Carotek for Pump Optimization Services

Whether you aim to reduce your operating costs or meet sustainability targets, Carotek’s Optimization Services can help. Carotek specialists provide careful analysis to help you ensure that your pumps are operating as efficiently as possible.

Save water and energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Award-Winning Protein Processing Plant Optimizes Operations & Increases Reliability With CR 185 Multistage Pumps

One of the biggest food processing facilities in North America converted split-case style pumps to new Grundfos CR 185 multistage pumps and immediately saw improvement in the application.

Arla achieves 481,800 kWh energy savings in critical water supply systems

Arla Foods, one of the leading players in the international dairy market, has embarked on a journey towards its 2050 target of carbon net zero emissions. The first step, however, is achieving efficiency targets of lowering carbon emissions by 63 % at 60 dairies worldwide by 2030. Grundfos is an essential part of these plans.

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