Carotek solves customer's leaky seal and pump cavitation problem

May 24, 2018

Carotek solves problems 24/7. Here’s a great example. Recently we received a call from a customer on a Thursday who could not unload their polymer tote contents due to being shipped a wrong gland for a seal that had recently been installed in their pump system.

Since the seal manufacturer did not have field service technicians to take care of the problem, and the plant technicians were on vacation, Carotek stepped in and reported,

“Tuesday, we were on site most of the day. We were able to successfully change the seal. When we turned the pump back on, we found no leakage. The pump was cavitating however. We were able to convince the customer to change the piping arrangement to fix the cavitation and I am happy to report that the pump is running perfectly. No cavitation, no leaking, as seen in this video. The customer seemed pleased with our effort as well as the result."

Carotek policy on problems is to first get the customer running and satisfied with whatever it takes. There are many more stories just like this.  Carotek's Service & Repair division can be relied on to solve your problems and keep your facility running.