Armstrong Food & Beverage Products & Services

December 19, 2022

Armstrong offers trusted thermal utility products and services for the complex food & beverage industry. As global leaders in energy management, Armstrong products deliver the results needed in this highly regulated business. Learn more from these case studies and webinar.

Armstrong Hot Water Webinar for the Food and Beverage Industry

Discover how a balanced hot water system can boost your efficiency, productivity, and personnel safety by ensuring proper steam quality. Topics include:

  • Generating hot water at 99.7% efficiency
  • Maintaining precision water temperatures crucial to processes
  • Eliminating live steam for increased personnel safety during washdown
  • Leaving the boiler behind to meet hot water demands more efficiently without steam

Watch Webinar Video here

Case Study - Process Hot Water Temperature Control

Armstrong Emech

Carotek and Armstrong alleviated batch process issues for one Carotek customer, Campbell soup company with Emech® digital control valves.

These water to water mixing valves provide better than +/- 1% accuracy, while delivering real-time water temperature directly to a process monitor on the plant floor. Issues with space, reliability and process accuracy have been eliminated with the system.  Learn more about Emech here.

Case Study - Plant Expansion Without Compromising Savings and Efficiency

Conagra Condensate System

During a ConAgra plant expansion, Armstrong developed a plan to provide engineering and installation of multiple, separate packaged condensate pumping systems with cycle counters, without requiring a capital payment.

The food processing facility realized an annual cash savings equating to a simple return on investment (ROI) of 56%, allowing capital resources to be focused on the core business.

In addition to clean and hot condensate being returned to the boiler house, the company has reinforced its “green” facility image by avoiding increases in combustion emissions and high water consumption.