Specification & Buying Guides

Making the right decision on which process equipment to buy takes research and understanding.  At Carotek,  we have the experts to help you build your specification requirements, then select and size the right pump, valve, instrumentation, steam & hydronics products, as well as more complicated systems like seal pots, control panels & process skids. 

Read our guides here to get started, then contact us for additional assistance.

Process Equipment Buying Guides

Guide: Regular Industrial Pump Maintenance Avoids Costly Pump Repairs

Filtration & Strainer Selection GuideRegular maintenance and repair of industrial pumps extends their life and ensures optimal performance. Contact Carotek today to avoid costly disruptions to your operations, use less energy and save costs in the long run.

Guide: How to Specify and Select Pressure Gauges

Filtration & Strainer Selection GuideHave you ever needed a pressure gauge and wondered which one you should use? Or how much it would cost? Or what brand is best? Carotek gets this question every day.In this article, we will highlight what you need to know to aid as a guide in your decision-making process.

Guide: How to Specify and Select a Process Skids Supplier

Filtration & Strainer Selection GuideThe success of a modular process skid project begins with an understanding of how to specify process skids. The Carotek Process Skids Specification Guide outlines the advantages of custom process skids and how they can be specified.

Guide: How to Specify Control Panels & Electrical Systems Integration Components

Control Panel Specification GuideProcess Automation can benefit from knowledge of how to specify and select control panels & systems integration components. The Carotek Industrial Control Panels and Systems Integration Specification Guide outlines some considerations in process automation components selection.

Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & IIoT Wireless Network Systems

Filtration & Strainer Selection GuideThe Carotek IIoT Selection Guide gives you knowledge to contribute to the Industry 4.0 networks, wireless and mobile solutions design and selection process.

Guide: How to Select Commercial Steam and Hydronic Products

Filtration & Strainer Selection GuideAlthough steam systems have been around for hundreds of years, understanding how to size and select steam and hydronic products for hot water and condensate systems remains a complex skill. The Carotek Steam and Hydronic Selection Guide makes it easier to understand the steam and hot water system sizing and selection process.

Guide: How to Select and Size Process Flow Control Valves

Filtration & Strainer Selection Guide Knowing how to size and select flow control valves affects the ability to control any industrial process. Beyond that, knowledge of proper industrial valve sizing and selection also has a major impact on the overall cost of a project. Read Carotek’s Valves Selection Guide to understand the process valve sizing and selection.

Guide: How to Select and Size a Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Selection Heat exchanger sizing and selection requires a combination of knowledge of the heat exchanger types and options as well as knowledge of the application and environment where the unit operates. Read this guide as your first step.

Guide: Select and Size the Right Industrial Blower for your Applications

Industrial Blower Selection After reading this Industrial Blower selection guide, you will understand how the right blower will help reach and exceed your goals. Specifying the best Industrial Blower for your application requires a few details to choose the blowers that enhance productivity and the bottom line.

Guide: Level Measurement Instrumentation Selection

Control Panel Specification GuideCarotek and Endress+Hauser level measurement instrumentation tools can increase process efficiency, reliability, and safety. Our Guide outlines some considerations in choosing the right level measurement technology for your applications.