QTRCO Actuators for Food & Beverage Industry

December 21, 2022

QTRCO Actuators simply do not encounter field service issues. With a very rugged mechanical design and the elimination of normal failure modes—sliding parts, side load forces and numerous seals, they simply do not fail.

All QTRCO actuators feature robust designs, premium materials and consistently demonstrate the ability to take on the most extreme applications. Our Actuators last for incredibly long periods of time. QTRCO customers report years of service with no failures and maintaining operations with no loss in production time.

QTRCO Actuators for Food & Beverage Industry

Corn Chips and Pepperoni Processing Actuators

Corn Chips and Pepperoni Processing Actuators

Food and Beverage Customers typically have high cycle and high speed applications for batch food processing. Conventional actuators have a tendency to fail due to inherent design flaws, causing unscheduled outages.

Q Series actuators are designed with extreme speeds and cycle service in mind, allowing the customer to standardized on this product as an integral component of their OEM equipment.

Production and maintenance downtimes have been minimized and SS materials allow for daily caustic washdowns without concern of degradation of the Actuator or food contamination.

Grape Crushing Processing Actuators

Grape Crushing Processing Actuators

The user was seeking long-term reliability. Valves and actuators are cycled frequently during grape harvest and are then dormant for several months each year.

Q Series actuators are designed for high-speed and high cycle service while enabling long periods of dormancy without deterioration. The customer purchased over 700 actuators for this high cycle application.

Since installing QTRCO Actuators, maintenance issues for actuators have become a thing of the past. No failures in over 15 years of service! The maintenance supervisor says that “QTRCO actuators are bulletproof”.

Soup, Stew and Juice Processing Actuators

Soup, Stew And Juice Processing Actuators

Q Series actuators feature offset cylinders and pressure balanced shafts to eliminate common points of failure.

Customer has experienced no failures in over 8 years of use and continues to purchase QTRCO actuators for plant expansion projects.

*All information sourced from QTRCO