Guide: What are the Best Valves for Pulp & Paper Plants?

Apr 18, 2019

Valve Selection in Pulp and Paper Operations

Industry Expert Todd Greer, Pulp & Paper Industry Manager of DeZURIK, writes an informative article that appeared in Valve Magazine. Todd states, "The world's paper use has changed dramatically and so have the mills and machines that produce a widening array of paper and packaging products. The right valves often are not those with lower initial costs, but rather those that provide the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the valve. Knowing how to choose valves for applications in the growing industry of today can enhance performance and create profit. Key issues are:

  • Cost and application considerations
  • The different processes of mills and machines
  • What valves make good choices

Pulp and Paper Plant Location Application Guide

DeZURIK has also published a valve applications guide for over 20 locations within Pulp and Paper plants.

Valve applications in pulp and paper plants

DeZURIK Valves for Pulp and Paper Industry

DeZURIK manufactures a variety of valve types for the pulp & paper industry - for basis weight control, paper stock, liquor, steam, dilution water control and many more. DeZURIK's valve styles can handle everything from abrasive Kaolin clay slurries to recycle trash.

Here are a few examples.

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  • DeZURIK's Precision Electric Basis Weight Control Valve is specifically designed for critical paper stock control, and is used for basis weight and head box level control applications.
  • DeZURIK Knife Gate Valves and V-Port Ball Valves are widely used in pulping and stock prep operations throughout the mill.
  • DeZURIK's versatile VPB V-Port Ball Valves are designed for highly accurate control of paper stock, in addition to other clean, dirty or corrosive liquids and gases.
  • DeZURIK's 3-Way Tapered Plug Valves are designed for throttling and diverting applications in refiner stock control applications.