Gear Pump Troubleshooting Checklist and Videos

March 11, 2021

Viking Pump has provided this knowledgeable checklist of the symptoms and possible causes of internal gear pump failure, as well as short videos. This will help you determine if your pump problem is related to the overall process system,  the pump or the drive - and how to fix it.

Pump Troubleshooting Videos

Hydraulic and Mechanical Symptoms List

  • Pump turns, but no flow
  • Low capacity
  • Pump will not develop sufficient pressure
  • Pump develops too much pressure
  • Pump no longer self-priming
  • Pump won't turn/ motor stalls
  • Pump runs noisy with excessive vibration
  • Pump runs hot
  • Frequent seal failures
  • Packing has short life
  • Excessive wear of the the pump internals

Common Causes of Internal Gear Pump Failure

Here are a few of the common causes of pump failure.  Download the PDF checklist to get all the details and a symptom/cause chart.

  1. NPSHa Not Sufficient
  2. Air Leaks Into Pump
  3. Pump Has Run Dry
  4. Liquid Temperature Higher Than Expected
  5. Viscosity Higher Than Expected
  6. Pump Running Too Fast
  7. Abrasives Incorrect Rotation Incorrect Head Place
  8. Wrong ClearanceWorn Internals
  9. Tight Packing Gland
  10. Improper Seal Installation
  11. Relief Valve Setting
  12. Relief Valve Reversed
  13. Material Corrosion
  14. Drive Problems
  15. Vacuum and Pressure Gauges

Pump Troubleshooting Checklist

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