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April 30, 2024

How Watlow Technologies Support Industry 4.0

Watlow has long been a leader in thermal systems, and now brings that experience to bear in harnessing the possibilities of Industry 4.0.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the latest wave of industrial change, although its exact meaning and implementation varies widely. Generally, it is driven by new technologies such as Big Data analytics, IIoT, Edge Computing, autonomous robots and cognitive systems. Industry 4.0 promises to transform industry through automation and ever - faster real - time data delivery. It has potential to aid predictive maintenance, facility scaling, supply chain management, process modeling and business intelligence.

Industry 4.0 can be described as having two layers :

  1. a bottom layer of physical components such as sensors and smart controllers
  2. a paired top layer with digital assets, such as networks and virtualized controls that constitute the Internet of Things

The combination of the two layers – data with simulation capabilities – allows companies to build out autonomous systems that are safer and faster. These “ smart factory ” systems provide a better real - time view of status than current production lines.

Industry 4.0 is More Than Data Collection

Data collection is an important first step in turning a facility into a “ smart ” factory. The key is to collect the right data and turn it into valuable information. Applying Industry 4.0 technology and principles to a production line yields data insights and creates efficiencies that can help :

  • Increase uptime
  • Increase yield
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce variation
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve performance

Examples of Industry 4.0 Solutions

The way that actual factories put Watson ’ s Industry 4.0 advances into practice varies greatly from factory to factory, or even between production lines within a single facility. However, Industry 4.0 implementations are similar in the way data is created and leveraged in important ways:

  • greater sensor density to generate data sets orders of magnitude larger than present efforts
  • data enables better predictive maintenance decisions and new opportunities for optimization

The data itself becomes a platform for future technological advancements.

Watlow thermal systems products can be used to develop Industry 4.0 solutions for a range of problems. Examples include:

  • Use level sensors to create real - time information about inventory.
  • Implement a larger network of inexpensive sensors for each heating element to gather decision - making data.
  • Train artificial intelligence to drive predictive maintenance.
  • Create a virtualized factory to run simulations testing future scenarios.
  • Smart scale facilities to handle sudden influxes of work
  • Model process steps and rearrange them to find optimal configurations.

How to Start with Industry 4.0

The key with Industry 4.0 is to look at your most significant problems and then determine how you can leverage the potential of Industry 4.0 to solve them.

If heating and thermal sensing are involved, Watlow products offer the technology to implement an Industry 4.0 project. However, the real advantage Watlow brings to an Industry 4.0 project is in its thermal expertise, and understanding both Industry 4.0 implementations and the important role thermal systems play in key applications. Contact us to find out how Watlow Industry 4.0 solutions can help solve real-world challenges.

Download Watlow Industry 4.0 Information

Watlow® Helps Raven SR Bring the Dream of Green Energy, with the Help of Industry 4.0 explains how a clean fuels company uses industry 4.0 control with its thermal system to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness for processes that require precise thermal control at high temperature. Download the case study for a real - world example of a transformative Industry 4.0 application that can help save the environment and boost energy independence.

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Can Industry 4.0 Solve Downtime Issues? describes how Watlow ’ s Industry 4.0 solutions can help manufacturers proactively forecast future issues and reduce costs. Industry 4.0 has the potential to address downtime issues in several ways: through more and better sensors tracking valuable information, artificial intelligence to drive maintenance, and virtualization to run test scenarios. Download the white paper to learn specific ways that Watlow and Industry 4.0 can solve downtime issues.

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Right Data, Right Place, Right Now: Why Using Industry 4.0 Tools Requires Not Just Technology Know - How, But Industry Knowledge, Too explains why successful implementation of Industry 4.0 tools requires more than just gathering data with high - end sensors. Application and thermal industry knowledge is necessary to make the best use of those sensors and the data they provide. Download the white paper to learn how Watlow ’ s industry experience and background help manufacturers successfully implement Industry 4.0 tools for thermal systems.

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Leading Transformational Change for Ourselves and our Customers with Industry 4.0 Applications describes several Industry 4.0 programs that Watlow is piloting and implementing to automate and quickly detect issues as well as speed up solutions. Example projects include a simple version of Edge Computing used for gateway device testing, a digital tick sheet that replaces a manual process, an RFID tracking project, and more. Download the white paper to learn the benefits Watlow has seen from Industry 4.0 projects that can serve as mode ls for other industries as well.

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