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Gear Pump Troubleshooting Checklist and Videos

Download this pump troubleshooting checklist and watch the videos to learn pump failure symptoms and their causes.

Centrifugal Pump Training in Minutes by Griswold

Centrifugal Pump Training in Minutes by GriswoldLearn all about centrifugal pumps in minute size lessons and videos.

Hemp Market Proven! Ethanol Extraction CBD Oil Pumps

Looking for CBD Oil low temperature ethanol pumps for CBD oil extraction? Carotek offers 2 Viking Pump models that go as low as -80C and pump 100 - 200 PSI.

Carotek solves customer's leaky seal and pump cavitation problem

Unloading polymer tote contents due to a product manufacturer shipping the wrong gland for a seal that had recently been installed in a pump system.

Case Study: Plant Solved Shaft Breaks in Positive Displacement Gear Pumps?

Stephen Bell 3/13/2018
This plant solved the mystery of sudden, frequent pump failures. This white paper, by Stephen Bell, VP Carotek, was originally published in Pumps and Systems magazine.

Request a FREE Pump Site Survey ($2500 value)

Request a FREE Pump Site Survey consisting of Plant Pump Inventory, Asset Locations, Details, BOM, and Parts Stock recommendations.

How To Set Up a Pump Reliability Program - Do You Know When Your Pumps Will Fail Next?

Stephen Bell 1/16/2018
Pump downtime is costly. Learn how to improve plant productivity by increasing pump reliability.  Reduce the frequency of outage, cost of repairs, and cost of lost production. Learn the basics of NPSH.

Tips to Improve Your Pump Uptime

Understanding your goals and identifying "bad actors" is the most important first step to improve pump uptime.

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