Guide: Level Measurement Instrumentation Selection

February 21, 2021

What is Level Measurement in Process Instrumentation?

The basic definition of level measurement is the linear distance between the top surface of a liquid or solid and a predetermined reference point like in a tank. There are many types of level measurement instrumentation tools used in industrial processes.

Level Sensors are level indicators that simply measure the level of liquid or solid in your process. These level measurements can be sent to a central computer for historic tracking,and used in process automation and control.

Level Switches are sensors that trigger an action via electrical signal at a specific liquid, powder or bulk level.

Level Transmitters are sensors with an electrical signal that send the level measurement of liquid, powder or solid to a remote recording location.

Level Measurement Methods

Level instrumentation offer different measurement methods depending on your application requirements.  We offer:

  1. Capacitive
  2. Conductive
  3. Electromechanical
  4. Float switch
  5. Free space radar
  6. Guided wave radar
  7. Hydrostatic
  8. Microwave barrier
  9. Paddle
  10. Piezoresistive
  11. Pressure differential
  12. Radiometric
  13. Servo
  14. Ultrasonic
  15. Vibronic


Level Measurement Solutions

Carotek and Endress+Hauser offer a wide variety of level measurement solutions. Our experts will work with you to find the best-fit solution for your application. Do not settle for a “one size fits all” strategy.

Endress+Hauser is the leader in level technologies and has a complete portfolio designed to provide maximum customer value, which assures you will receive the right technology and solution for your application. Backed by over 50 years of experience and more than 2 million installed level devices around the globe, our experts work with you to understand your exact needs for your specific process.

Level Instrumentation Tool Selection

Our fit-for-purpose level measurement solutions increase the process efficiency, reliability, and safety of your processes. We will perform a personal consultation that thoroughly identifies your requirements, which will help you choose the right solution for your process. You can also then evaluate your options using online product tools.


Level Measurement Instrumentation = Reliability and Safety

Using Heartbeat Technology, we will help you predict potential systematic failure such as corrosion and buildup or detect foam which can prevent systematic errors due to accidental parameter changes. Heartbeat Technology also provides continuous (and on-demand) validation of instrument operation. All of this comes with SIL Declaration of Conformity according to IEC61508 and verified by an independent third party (TUV).


Level Instrumentation Commissioning

Our level measurement solutions will improve your commissioning efficiency by 30% through an instrument-led commissioning wizard that allows you to get up and running quickly with step-by-step guidance. Using your smartphone or tablet to commission or communicate to your device eliminates the need for multiple tools or updating DTMs. This helps reduce troubleshooting and maintenance downtime as the problem and solution are identified by the instrument with intuitive HMI. In addition, you’re able to improve the installation and commissioning time of the instrument by 30% with setup via Bluetooth (no additional hardware needed). You are also able to perform In-situ proof test with the guided proof test wizard.


Level Measurement Data Recording

The HistoROM/Display simplifies the commissioning of instruments in duplicate applications, tracks setting changes, and reduces maintenance downtime with no need to re-commission devices if you replace the electronics and provides storage of critical application data for easy troubleshooting.

Ready to Take your Process to the Next Level?

Carotek is proud to represent the products of Endress+Hauser in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Eastern & Middle Tennessee. Carotek, as an Endress+Hauser exclusive representative is committed to assisting our customers to optimize their processes economically while delivering safety and environmental protection. Together, our solutions give our customers the most advantages over their competition.