AODD Pumps and Diaphragms for Food & Beverage Applications

December 9, 2022

Wilden offers Sanitary & Hygienic AODD pumps as well as Pure-Fuse Diaphragms for the Food & Beverage Industry. Learn how two wineries benefit from the Wilden products and learn how the products work in several videos.

White Paper - Pumping Efficiency from Vine to Wine

Centrifugal Pump Training in Minutes by Griswold

Transferring must to fermentation tanks requires a pump that can meet the flow and head requirements while handling the larger solids without damaging the product.

When selecting the pump technology that is best suited for wine-handling and transfer, operators should identify a technology that not only has shear-sensitivity (the ability to move the wine without damaging or “shearing” the delicate product), and deadhead capabilities (the ability to start and stop the pumping process instantly without subjecting the wine to heat or damage from moving pump components or bypass relief valves), but can also safely transfer large solids (the “must”) with strong suction lift.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of various pump technologies for winemaking.

Case Study - Rodney Strong Vineyards Irrigating Fruit Caps


Better quality wines with gentler pumping with less air and better flow.

When Rodney Strong Vineyards built its new 10,500-square-foot fermentation facility in Healdsburg, CA, USA to accommodate premium grapes from their Cooley Ranch Vineyard, each detail was precisely planned. All equipment was carefully engineered or researched before purchase to assure the most efficient operations and optimum product handling possible. Among the critical components required were pumps for the important “pumping over” function of irrigating the fruit cap at the top of the fermentation tank.

To evaluate available pump technologies and manufacturers, Rodney Strong conducted exhaustive research, and testing. As a result, they successfully identified and implemented the optimum pump and diaphragm technology that would yield a balance of energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, ease of use, cleanability, reliability and gentle handling of product for optimum fermentation.

Wilden Product Features For Food & Beverage Applications


Wilden specifically engineers products for the food & beverage industry.  Learn more in these videos.


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