BioGill Wastewater Treatment for Food & Beverage Industry

December 21, 2022

Biogill Food Beverage Overview

Water authorities around the world are enforcing stricter compliance and higher fees for the discharge of industrial wastewaters. BioGill technology offers a solution for Food & Beverage processors by improving onsite treatment and reducing the nutrient load in wastewater, leading to significant savings in discharge fees and improved environmental operations.

A leading-edge biological solution for wastewater treatment, BioGill technology is based on a key premise of concentrating and maximizing microbiology. The result is a highly effective biological treatment process for wastewater high in nitrogen, soluble BOD and COD.

With primary treatment upstream to remove solids, BioGill bioreactors are ideal for the biological secondary stage of the wastewater treatment train.


Learn more from this overview and case studies.

Case Study – Meat Processing Company Odor Control

Biogill Meat Processing Odor Control

BioGill® systems offer an ideal technology for onsite treatment of food processing wastewaters.

When producing specialty meat products and processing fresh food, it is common for odors to be generated. One meatworks processing company where hams, sausages and other meat-based goods were produced was concerned about the odor of its wastewater and wanted to improve onsite treatment and odor control.

Case Study – Confectionary Company Discharge Fee Reduction

BioGill Confectionary

A multinational confectionery company was facing increased discharge fees from the local water authority. The goal was to install an effective biological system onsite to reduce COD to sub 600mg/L to minimize discharge fees.