Wastewater Treatment System Clarifiers

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  • Summary: Pre-engineered designs include center feed clarifiers, peripheral feed clarifiers, and solids contact clarifiers. Smith & Loveless offers both steel and concrete tank designs.
  • States: NC, SC
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Combines flash-mixing, flocculation, clarification, sludge collection and sludge thickening in one unit operation and tankMinimal chemicals required because of the “seeding” principleProvides a stable process operation less dependent on incoming flow variationsDeep clear water zoneDiameter 10' - 70' (3.1 m - 21.3 m)Depth 13' - 15' (4 m - 4.6m)

Kraus-Fall Peripheral Feed Clarifier

Ideal for applications with high infiltration/inflowPromotes efficient solids and liquid separationHigher allowable overflow rates for peak and variable conditionsReduces density currents by introducing the flow near the sludge blanketSOR Up to 1,200 gpd/sq. ft. (48.9 cmd)Sizing 45’ to 120’ (13.7 m to 36.6 m) diameter


Smith & Loveless offers a comprehensive range of circular and rectangular clarifier mechanisms. Our scope of supply includes not only a large variety of clarifier types, sizes and configurations, but complete turnkey support and project oversight.Diameter 8' (2.4 m) - 120' (36.6 m)Bridge Style Full or Half BridgeTankage Concrete or steel
Municipal & Industrial Wastewater