Verder Packo Specialty Hygienic Pumps

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, TN, VA
  • Summary: The Packo dedicated centrifugal pumps are developed and engineered for specific applications.
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Verder Packo Dedicated Specialty Pumps

The Packo dedicated specialty centrifugal pumps are developed and engineered for specific applications. It is an application dedicated pump series for:

Filtration: The FPP pump with high inlet pressure or the FMS multi-stage pump when a high outlet pressure is required

Animal feed processes: The MWP pump which is a duplex pump with higher resistance against abrasive fluids

Hydro transfer of food products: The VPCP pump, a high flow pump, with the guaranteed lowest product damage on the market for the transport of e.g. vegetables such as potatoes and shellfish like mussels and prawns.

Non-sealable liquids: The IM cantilever pump handles all non-sealable liquids such as hot frying oil with care.

Truck unloading: The RMO centrifugal pump ensures high flow, fastest loading time and lightweight truck applications in hygienic or industrial areas.


The hygienically executed Packo multistage pumps from the FMS series are used as process pump in the most diverse applications in food (milk, beer, soft drinks, ...), pharmaceutical and chemical industries and this for food, beverages, medicines, lotions, etc. Typical applications are found in filtration, pasteurization, filling machines, high pressure CIP systems, process pump for plate heat exchangers, etc.


The food grade Packo stainless steel pumps of the FPP2 series are pumps made of solid, machined stainless steel 316L and are extremely suitable for high system pressure applications up to 40 bar. Typical applications can be found in reverse osmosis applications in all kind of food related applications such as whey filtration, CIP waste filtration, beer filtration, etc


The Packo duplex centrifugal pumps of the MWP2 series are robust pumps executed in wear resistant duplex materials and are ideal for handling erosive / abrasive liquids. Typical applications are animal liquid feeding applications.


The Packo stainless steel pumps of the VPCP series have an extremely large passage and thanks to its specially designed vane this type of product pump is the reference in soft and damage free pumping of vegetables, potatoes, mussels, shrimps, etc. They are used in vegetable and potato industry but also in sea fruit business.


The Packo submersible cantilever pump series IMO are suitable for handling liquids with a temperature up to 200°C. They are especially constructed to handle liquids that are difficult to seal such as paints, varnishes, galvanic coatings, hot frying oil, etc. Particularly suitable for pumping liquids that are difficult to seal such as hot frying oil up to 200° C. They are also used for pumping waste water from industrial waste such as CIP, acids, condensate, etc.


This pump series is especially produced for installation on lorries and trucks and are constructed on a stainless steel bearing pedestal. They can be equipped with an optional hydraulic or electric motor. Pumps provided with an electric motor can be powered by the batteries of the truck and can be executed in a monobloc design.These perfectly cleanable pumps have stainless steel 316L pump casings constructed in thick cold rolled plate, 100% non-porous and extremely smooth. Some of them have an investment cast casing, resulting in an even more solid design.


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