Packo Mixer Pumps - Shear-Static-Dynamic

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, TN, VA
  • Summary: Shear mixer pumps and static mixers are mainly used for in-line mixing, homogenizing and dispersing
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Packo Mixer Pumps

The shear mix pump range consists of a high shear mixer with a patented stator for high flow and pressure and a homogenizer shear mixer for the dispersion of higher viscosities which can also be executed as a full unit. These shear mixers have the highest efficiency on the market, offering energy savings. The range is complemented with static and dynamic mixers. Shear mixer pumps and static mixers are mainly used for in-line mixing, homogenizing and dispersing.

Shear mixer pumps and static mixers are the best choice when the fluids to be mixed have:

  • a large difference in specific gravity
  • a large different viscosity
  • a difficult mixing match

This series is also perfect for dispersing of solids in liquids and gas in liquids.


Packo high shear pump with open impeller and patented stator for moderate flow and pressure.

Verdermix VMS

Verdermix Static mixers are ideal for handling all kind of liquids and gases “in- line”, from low to high viscosity and with or without solids. Our static mixers are available in different metal and non-metallic configurations for compatibility with chemicals, CIP and SIP processes and hygienic and sterile environments. Verdermix has developed a standard modular system to produce a mixer that is specific to your process, is quick to produce and ensures a long service life. The Verdermix design is optimised for delivering turbulent mixing forces and minimizing the drag and 'energy loss' in the system.


Packo Mixer Pump Comparison Chart


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