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Positive Displacement Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Carotek is an authorized distributor for Gardner Denver positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps, as well as blower packages.  Gardner Denver products are globally recognized for quality, performance, durability, and solid engineering for a wide variety of industry applications. Gardner Denver Positive Displacement Blowers and Vacuum Pumps have applications for virtually any market sector including; chemical, food, petroleum, energy production, and environmental processes.  Carotek carries all the top Brands of Gardner Denver Blowers - Sutorbilt, DuroFlow, CycloBlower, HeliFlow, TriFlow, IQ Blower Packages,and RBS Blowers.


  • Positive Displacement BlowersSutorbilt 4500 -This positive displacement blower will literally fit thousands of applications. The 4500 series runs under the toughest conditions and performs reliably every time with non-stop loading capabilities
  • Positive Displacement BlowersSutorbilt 8000- This design is suited for water injection and pressure lubrication systems. It can handle high pressure applications while controlling temperature rises. Features internal slip control and closed end impellers
  • Positive Displacement BlowersSutorbilt Legend - The Legend series is the perfect pump for a variety of air solutions. These blowers and vacuum pumps are engineered with over 75 years of design ensuring reliable service with each application.



DuroFlow Blowers Industrial Series

  • Positive Displacement SystemsThe heavy duty reliable performance blower is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
  • With a flex-mount design, mounting is flexible
  • This blower also features dual splash lubrication and oil-free air delivery for continuous performance in many different applications.


HeliFlow Industrial Series

  • Positive Displacement SystemsOver 150 years of engineering design go into the HeliFlow positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps
  • This series has a unique rotor design with solid helical tri-lobe rotors while performing quietly and reducing pulsations
  • The HeliFlow’s dual splash lubrication increase the life of the blower, and the large shafts allow superior overhung load capabilities

CycloBlower Industrial Series

  • Positive Displacement SystemsOver 50 years of research and design make this pump the most energy efficient positive displacement blower
  • CycloBlower can handle higher pressures with oil-free air and gas delivery for efficient service
  • It is built to perform continuously with reduced noise and pulsation

CycloBlower HE 

  • Cycloblower HE openThe new CycloBlower H.E. sports a game-changing, patented design to deliver a new level of efficiency and performance.
  • The CycloBlower H.E. was built with efficiency in mind for energy savings. With energy consumption typically being the largest cost of ownership, the CycloBlower H.E.'s best-in-class energy efficiency can save thousands on energy bills, lowering your bottom line, and increasing profits. 
  • With airflows up to 3,900 CFM, pressures up to 36 psi, and vacuum up to 22 inches of mercury it is ideal  for a wide range of applications including Wastewater Treatment,  Pneumatic Conveying, Chemical Processing, Industrial Processing, Food Processing, and Plastic Molding and Handling. 

TriFlow Rotary Tri-Lobe

  • Positive Displacement SystemsEach TriFlow product meets ISO 9001 standards in quality and is tested for performance before leaving the warehouse
  • Tri-Flow vacuum pumps feature independent oil sumps that guard against cross contamination and run safely through each process
  • The three lobe impeller reduces noise and pulsation while performing high throughput

IQ Blower Packages

  • Engineered for specific air flow, pressure, and heat release, the Gardner Denver Blower packages run quietly, as low as 60 dBA, and produce lower pulsation
  • Positive Displacement BlowersEach package undergoes extensive testing to ensure reliable service. Gardner Denver products require low maintenance and limit downtime saving you money
  • Blower packages include digital monitoring with AirSMart controller and a 2.5-100 horsepower GD blower


RBS PD Blowers, Screw Compressors, Vacuum Pumps

RBS has specialized in positive displacement blowers, low-pressure screw compressors, vacuum pumps and centrifugal pumps for 70 years in all 5 continents.   RBS offers top quality and highly efficient products for today’s operators who pay great attention to power consumption and environmental impacts.  positive displacement lobe

  • ASME ptc13 compliant
  • Pressures to 14PSI
  • Vacuum to 15" HG
  • Specialty in gas applications - nitrogen, biogas, ARGON, Helium


How Can We Help?

Whatever you application need, Carotek can customize your system to provide you with optimum performance, low maintenance, and a long operational life. Call your Carotek system specialist today to find the right system configuration for your application need. To request a quote, it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Air or Gas
  • Flow rate (CFM)
  • Discharge pressure
  • Inlet pressure
  • Site altitude
  • Special noise attenuation requirements
  • General application information (aeration, pneumatic conveying)

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