Solve Institutional Hot Water Requirements: Prevent Legionella and Water-Borne Pathogens

August 20, 2021

If you are responsible for hot water system design, operation and maintenance, you know the importance and understand the increasing accountability for providing safe water for people in all types of institutional buildings. From following Legionella guidelines to protecting against all water borne pathogens and bacteria, we have the products and the expertise to keep your hot water system compliant and the software for compliance reporting.

  • Armada℠ smarter hot water
  • Rada digital faucets
  • Mobile plug-and-play thermal utility pods
  • ABH gas-fired water heater—featuring the Brain® and Sage®
  • Digital-Flo® featuring the Brain® and Sage®
  • The Brain® digital recirculation valve (drv)
  • The Brain® and Sage® smart hot water system management

Armada℠ Smarter Hot Water System


Armada℠ is a complete hot water system solution that offers the best safety, infection control and compliance—from mechanical room to water faucets. Through leading-edge hot water generation, master mixing, and point-of-use control, Armada

  • mitigates the incubation of waterborne pathogens
  • prevents scalding
  • provides real-time insights and historical reporting capabilities that comply with CMS, ASHRAE and other regulatory standards

The complete Armada system includes Armstrong water heaters, The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valves, Rada digital faucets, and SAGE® monitoring, measuring and reporting software.

RADA Digital Faucets


RADA Digital Water Faucets offer a superior level of handwashing safety and infection control using Armstrong’s Digital Circulation Valve - the Brain. It is designed for best-in-class safety, health and efficiency. RADA Digital Faucets are an essential component of Armada℠ Smarter Hot Water.  They feature:

  • The Brain® digital performance, microsized in a point-of-use fixture
  • Programmable hands-free activation and temperature control
  • ASSE 1070 approved—no requirement for separate under-sink TMV
  • Bluetooth® technology for programming and information management
  • Programmable automatic fixture flush to evacuate stagnant water
  • Sensible thermal disinfection protocol—one fixture at a time
  • Innovative bacterial-resistant internal design
  • Integration with The Brain® for complete hot water system monitoring and temperature control
  • SAGE® software for system performance monitoring, recording and documentation

Learn more about Rada Digital Faucets

Mobile Thermal Utility Pods


Armstrong Mobile thermal utility pods are a plug-and-play packaged solution, designed to satisfy your heaviest demands. These turnkey mobile mechanical rooms are equipped with dependable and proven, state-of-the-art hot water solutions necessary to deliver safe, reliable, domestic and high temperature water for sanitation and wash stations. Customization is available to address additional requirements, including humidification or building heat.

Learn More about Mobile Thermal Utility Pods

ABH Hot Water Generation & Control


High-efficiency hot water generation is achievable with the Armstrong ABH gas-fired water heater systems, a comprehensive pre-piped packaged water skid solution.  These systems include The Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve for precision digital water temperature control as well as the SAGE® Smart Hot Water System Monitoring and Documentation software.

  • Configurable rack mounted system with storage tank & drv
  • 299,000 BTU, 399,000 BTU, 599,000 BTU Heat Exchanger Options
  • Modular Systems with storage up to 5M BTU/3800Gallons
  • Condensing technology delivers up to 99.8% high efficiency heat exchanger design
  • Pre-piped modular solution for turnkey installation
  • Customized for your specific requirements
  • Optimized compliance with ASHRAE188 and other Standards of Care
  • Reduced Waterborne pathogen incubation risk.
  • Enhanced protection against water temperature injury
  • Direct connectivity to BAS in all primary protocols

Learn more about ABH Gas Fired Hot Water Heater

Digital-Flo® Tankless Hot Water Generation and Control


The Digital-Flo system takes your hot water system management up another notch. The combined tankless hot water generation (Digital-Flo) and temperature control hardware (The Brain®) with the smart hot water system monitoring and documentation software  (SAGE®), result in a complete, factory-integrated hot water system solution you'll find only from Armstrong.

Digital-Flo® is available in Steam to Water, Steam to Water Vertical, and Boiler Water to Water solutions. Digital-Flo® is an essential component of Armada℠ Smarter Hot Water.

Learn more about Steam to Water Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters (Digital-Flo)

The Brain® (DRV) Digital Recirculating Valve

Armstrong's groundbreaking digital recirculating valve (drv), The Brain, acts as a stand-alone DRV or a pre-piped digital mixing center. The Brain® improves the performance of hot water systems that use all types of water heating technologies. The Brain® is available in a range of models to accommodate your specific pressure and flow rate. The Brain® is an essential component of Armada℠ Smarter Hot Water. 


The Brain® Model Drv25bs

DRV for systems which experience diverse draw-off between 0 - 19 GPM. Other advancements include simpler serviceability, self-diagnostics, notifications, higher pressure rating, programmable thermal disinfection, and no continuous flow requirement.

The Brain® Model Drv40bs

DRV for systems which experience diverse draw-off between 0 - 41 GPM* - 1.5” NPT connections and SAGE® hot water system monitoring and reporting tool.

The Brain® Model Drv50bs

DRV for systems which experience diverse draw-off between 0 - 73 GPM* - DRV50BS is a model DRV80BS provided with bushed down 2” NPT connections and SAGE® hot water system monitoring and reporting tool.

The Brain® Model Drv80bs

DRV for systems which experience diverse draw-off between 0 - 165 GPM* - 3” NPT connections and SAGE® hot water system monitoring and reporting tool.

Learn more about The Brain Digital Hot Water Mixing Valves

SAGE® Smart Hot Water system monitoring and reporting software

SAGE® works seamlessly with The Brain® as it analyzes data to track behavior and performance to maximize equipment reliability, efficiency, and safety.

SAGE® provides regular updates, custom reports and vital, real-time data on a convenient dashboard accessible from your desktop, mobile or tablet. You can be proactive about managing water safety and make smart decisions quickly, based on timely comprehensive information. SAGE® alerts you instantly of issues, eliminates guesswork and costly surprises, and allows you to act immediately to remedy the problem.

Additionally, since 2016, with the help of SAGE®, Armstrong customers have identified two billion pounds per year in CO2 savings and $150 million in potential steam loss savings.

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Sage Monitoring Software by Armstrong

Armstrong is the trusted hot water & steam thermal utility supplier for institutions of all sizes around the globe.  Together, Carotek and Armstrong can offer custom-designed solutions for:

  • Hospitals - inpatient, outpatient and long-term care facilities
  • Doctor and Dentist offices
  • Colleges and universities
  • Schools
  • Hotels, hospitality chains and luxury resorts
  • Multi-unit apartment buildings
  • Foodservice & Entertainment venues

Whether you need a single location product or a custom integrated hot water system, we have the intelligent solution you need.