Thermal System Services - Steam & Hot Water

At Carotek, we want to partner with you to ensure that your Thermal Systems (Steam/Hot Water) are operating at peak performance.  The key to this is providing a variety of services and products that are aimed at maximizing energy efficiency, process efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Whether it is for Industrial heating or cooling, Commercial HVAC, Domestic Hot Water, Humidification, Equipment Washdown, or Water Pressure Boosting, Carotek offers the expertise, products, and services to assess your needs and provide cost effective solutions.  We have partnered with industry leading manufacturers such as Armstrong International, Grundfos, Shannon Global Energy, Intellihot, and others to bring you the best product and service results.

Serving North & South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee, Carotek is your Steam System Solutions specialist.

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Roadmap to Decarbonization tailored for your Facilities and Industry

As the need to move towards decarbonization grows, net zero emissions has become a shared goal. If you are unsure of how to move forward and want a pragmatic, ready-to-implement solution, Armstrong and Carotek can help.  Although there is a systematic methodology to decarbonization, what's right for one facility may be wrong for another.

We perform a comprehensive thermal utility analysis of your site, which allows us to develop and implement a pragmatic plan of action that's specifically engineered to meet the unique objectives of your facilities and industry. Your Roadmap to Decarbonization will include thermal mapping of your facilities and all the steps necessary to:

  • Improve your production process and performance
  • Reduce environmental emissions
  • Help you reach your net-zero goal
  • Increase safety


Thermal Utility Assessments

This is a preliminary system assessment, or walkthrough, of your facility that allows us to gather important information about your utility system’s infrastructure. Once we have identified any immediate opportunities for improvements, such as reducing energy use or correcting safety issues, Armstrong’s experts will offer initial recommendations.

The objective of the assessment is to first identify the deficiencies and their impact on various categories such as reliability, process, operation and maintenance, safety, and energy spending.  The assessment is focused on all thermal utilities -steam and condensate, hot water, process heating, HVAC, and applicable metering/monitoring. It also focuses on the whole system and is not limited only to areas where Armstrong International can provide products.

Download Armstrong Sample Thermal Assessment Report

An energy audit leads to outsourced operations & maintenance saving more than $350,000 annually.  Download Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Resort Case Study

Composite Audit of Utility Services Leads to Best-in-class Utility Maintenance and Substantial Energy Savings in Alabama.  Download GE Plastics Case Study

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Detailed Engineering Studies & Design

Carotek’s partnership with Armstrong International allows us to offer detailed engineering studies and design work when needed.  Armstrong’s group also provides on-site operation of thermal utilities for those users who wish to outsource operation and management of this resource.

Armstrong will perform a comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your utility system to reveal inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and uncover the cause of current or potential problems. After analyzing the results, our specialists will determine which intelligent solutions will be most effective in achieving your objectives. Your detailed report will include recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), schematics, drawings, estimated savings (thermal, water and financial), reductions in emissions, and more.

Download Glaxo Smith Kline Case Study 

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Steam System Monitoring

Steam Trap Surveys

Often times the most critical part of the Steam and Condensate System, steam traps are often poorly managed, if at all.  Carotek provides Steam Trap Surveys along with assistance to allow customers to develop their own in-house testing and management programs.

We can conduct a full on-site survey to tag, log, and test every steam trap and follow that up with a report of your facility that is complete with a breakdown of what needs attention.  Through Armstrong’s SAGE® platform, the data collected is always your and accessible through the ‘cloud’.  This allows you to ultimately establish your own steam trap management program either in-house or with outside assistance. 

From the Armstrong SAGE UMT™ steam trap testing device to continuous, real-time on-line steam trap monitoring through Armstrong’s Smart Products or through Everactive’s batteryless and wireless monitoring, we have the tools to make testing and monitoring fast and efficient.

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Steam Trap & Hot Water Monitoring

Continuous Steam Trap Monitoring is the next step to provide real-time information on the performance of your steam & condensate system. Armstrong’s AIM and SteamEye wireless steam trap monitors along with their SAGE™ platform provide real-time monitoring to prevent energy losses, production problems and potential safety issues.  AIM and SteamEye products use temperature and sound measurements to identify failed steam traps and alert the user immediately of problems.

Hot water monitoring with Armstrong’s Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV) or BRAIN® is compatible with the SAGE™ platform and is available on their Digital-Flo hot water heating systems. This allows for real-time hot water system monitoring to prevent and reduce any interruptions to hot water service.

Now, in partnership with Everactive,  we also offer 24/7 Batteryless Steam Trap Monitoring. Self-powered and always on, Everactive delivers continuous, real-time insight about your steam trap population. Everactive's groundbreaking wireless technology harvests its own energy, significantly reducing wasted energy and excess emissions to support your goals for decarbonization.


Armstrong SAGE® Brochure 

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Everactive Batteryless Monitoring Brochure 


Steam System Management: Steam-as-a-Service

Carotek and Armstrong International, in partnership with Miura and Hartford Steam Boiler is now offering Steam-As-A-Service. 

This innovative offering deliver state-of-the-art equipment, next-gen IoT capabilities, and onsite operation and maintenance for a single monthly payment.  All with no capital expenditures, and backed by performance and efficiency guarantees. It’s a new way to think (a lot less) about steam.  

Twenty-four reasons to consider Steam-As-A-Service.

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Lowers overall costs with one of the most fuel-efficient systems on the market.
  3. Prevents problems before they happen with predictive maintenance and remote repair.
  4. Continuous Optimization
  5. Efficiency only increases, thanks to 3X the data of traditional steam loT.
  6. No Capital Required
  7. Delivered for a single, monthly, operational expense.
  8. Frees up resources for other critical needs.
  9. Expert On-Site OM&A
  10. Leave your operations, maintenance, and administration to us.
  11. No Downtime
  12. Modular system keeps you running, even during an inspection or single unit failure.
  13. Scalable, Flexible Solution
  14. Modular units generate only the steam you need—when you need it.
  15. Allows you to reduce your load during seasonal change or market fluctuations.
  16. Greener Steam
  17. Future-proofs your enterprise.
  18. Decreases your environmental footprint with lower emissions and flexible fuel options.
  19. Ensures that you’re always in compliance and prepared to accommodate regulatory changes, as they occur.
  20. Guaranteed Solution
  21. Outsources your risk.
  22. Backed by performance and efficiency guarantees.
  23. Workforce is Supplied / Retained
  24. SaaS takes care of hiring and retention, eliminating the problem of finding qualified steam experts.


Shannon Steam Hot Water Blanket

Thermal Energy Audit

Through Shannon Global Energy, we can provide audits that quantify the energy loss of thermal systems through the use of inadequate or missing insulation.  Their methodology has been developed in accordance with DOE strict guidelines to provide the customer with unbiased information of energy a loss and payback.

Shannon’s insulation program improves insulation performance on steam systems, where the existing insulation has been removed and never replaced. Shannon blankets deliver immediate energy savings, with the benefits of quick installation, removal and reinstallation. Problem insulation areas can now be addressed with a highly functional insulation system.

A Unique Insulation System: The Shannon Thermal Blanket System delivers energy savings through a high quality insulation, custom fit to match gate valves, pressure reducing valves, flanges, strainers, steam traps, heat exchanger heads, boiler heads, PRV stations, condensate pumps and similar equipment. This blanket system is CAD designed to match every fitting. We guarantee the fit; the blanket carries an 18-month warranty.

Payback on Investment is about One Year: A typical Energy Survey will show a payback period on investment of roughly one to two years. The enclosed Energy Survey proposal shows an initial investment of $31,031.01 -- a payback period of 10 months. An annual savings of $37,895.60 per year and a lifetime savings of $537,402.96. See Energy Survey Sample on back cover. Added Benefits: The Shannon Blanket Systems will improve steam system efficiency and lower ambient temperature in mechanical rooms, tunnels, manholes and more. Shannon Blanket Systems will also reduce the possibility of employee burns from steam fittings.


carotek mobile steam training lab

Thermal System Training

In depth training on steam and hot water systems.  System Design to training on specific equipment used in thermal systems.  Though not a boiler service company, we can cover the basics of steam and water boiler operation and will, as required, enlist the aid of industry experts.

We have a variety of programs to meet your specific needs whether on your site, our Process Training Unit in Matthews, NC, or on-line or virtual.

Our Thermal Utility programs cover the basics of;

  • Steam Generation and Distribution
  • Steam Utilization and Condensate Recovery
  • Hot Water Generation and Control
  • Domestic Hot Water Mixing Systems
  • Thermal Efficiency and Insulation


View Thermal Utility Training Options


Online Training - Armstrong University

Armstrong University is the most comprehensive online steam, condensate, and hot water learning platform.  Over 100 online classes are available from introductory to advanced topics in all areas of steam, condensate, and hot water systems. 

Courses can be taken on your time to make it convenient, and each course takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.  Courses are also available with Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) the help satisfy company and industry training requirements.

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