Steam System Services

Carotek is your Steam System Service application specialist in North & South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee.

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Steam System Services

Carotek, through close association with Armstrong International, offers a variety of products and services to ensure your steam system is operating at peak efficiency.

From training to on-site services such as energy audits and steam trap surveys, to online steam trap monitoring and hot water systems monitoring, Carotek and Armstrong provide the assistance and expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

carotek mobile steam training lab

Steam System Training

Whether at your facility or ours, Carotek provides training on steam system operation and design. Our expertise can help guide you and your team to safe and efficient steam system operation and design. We have several platforms that can meet your requirements.

On-Site Training

Our Mobile Steam Lab is just that – mobile. We can bring it to your site to make things more convenient for your team. Our Mobile Steam Lab is fully equipped with a steam boiler and glass cutaways that help show how various steam system components work.

Online Training

Armstrong University is the most comprehensive online steam, condensate, and hot water learning platform.  Over 100 online classes are available from introductory to advanced topics in all areas of steam, condensate, and hot water.  Courses can be taken on your time to make it convenient, and each course takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.  Courses are also available with Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) the help satisfy company and industry training requirements.

steam trap monitoring - sage

Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring

In addition to Steam Trap Surveys, continuous Steam Trap Monitoring is the next step to provide real-time information on the performance of your steam system. Armstrong’s AIM and SteamEye wireless steam trap monitors along with their SAGE™ platform provides this real-time monitoring to prevent energy losses, production problems and potential safety issues.

The AIM and SteamEye products use temperature and sound measurements to identify failed steam traps and alert the user immediately of problems. These products have full connectivity with your Building Automation Systems as well as with Armstrong’s cloud based SAGE™ platform.

Hot Water Monitoring

As with the AIM and SteamEye products, Armstrong’s Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV) or BRAIN® is compatible the SAGE™ platform and is available on their Digital-Flo hot water heating systems. This allows for real-time hot water system monitoring to prevent and reduce any interruptions to hot water service. This can be a great advantage in almost any commercial or institutional installation.

Utility Systems Management

Armstrong offers on-site utility system solutions, turnkey installations, custom engineering, and innovative financing options, as well as groundbreaking technology and services for monitoring, measuring, notification and more—all demonstrating unparalleled value and improved utility performance.


Steam Trap Surveys

Routine Steam trap surveys help lower costs by finding issues before they become costly. Steam traps that are failed can cause serious efficiency, maintenance, and safety concerns. By regularly testing steam traps, these concerns can be mitigated to provide future cost savings prevent catastrophic failures.

Carotek can provide on-site steam trap surveys that include tagging and identifying each trap, assessing the suitability of the trap for the application and help to establish standardization that reduces overall operating and maintenance costs. Our trained technicians can also identify other cost savings opportunities.


Energy Audit

At Armstrong, we apply a uniquely holistic approach to system optimization that enables us to identify opportunities for improvement, uncover inefficiencies and reveal the root cause of any current or potential issues. Armstrong’s utility experts will conduct a comprehensive, on-site examination of your entire utility system to evaluate your steam generation/distribution, condensate return systems, heat recovery systems, hot water systems, lighting systems, water/wastewater treatment, electrical system, operating and maintenance efficiency, and hvac systems (heating and cooling).

The results are analyzed and a detailed report is presented that recommends Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s), estimated Return on Investment (ROI) and more. Their energy specialists will determine the intelligent solution(s) that will be most effective and work hardest to achieve your goals.

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