As of 2021, the US industrial sector is responsible for a third of the country's energy consumption, accounting for over $100 billion in fossil fuels alone. As industrial processes demand more energy, manufacturers have come to the aid of industry with energy saving products to reduce consumption and save money down the line.

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Often, the best way to save money for an existing process isn't to invest in expensive machinery that requires a complete system rebuild. Rather, monitoring the system more efficiently can expose vulnerabilities or energy losses like heat bleed or failing components.

The adage goes 'what gets measured gets managed,' and as we move into the latter part of 2021 and more companies embrace energy efficiency and environmental concerns, this will only continue to become a more important cost factor for most, if not all industrial businesses.

Carotek highlights products from manufacturers that recognize the importance of energy efficiency in all industrial processes. These manufacturers’ design innovations offer a number of ways to take advantage of energy savings.

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Endress & Hauser

A world leader in flow meter and processing solutions, Endress + Hauser manufactures a comprehensive range of instrumentation to help manage energy use. Examples begin with the relatively small and simple E+H pressure transmitter, which is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, helping to optimize efficiency and save energy, as well as predict faults and necessary maintenance ahead of time.

E+H also manufactures a wide range of IIOT solutions, including modems, gateways, and tablets, which are designed to slot straight into your network and systems, including E+H sensors. This allows for a seamless flow of information, with far less loss between individual systems, no lag time in communication, and the same data delivered to every member of your teams, ensuring everyone is always on the same page. Up to the minute measurement data allows faster responses to the slightest process change, improving process efficiency and energy efficiency on a continual basis.

From supply chain to inventory, and from resource consumption to uptime, Endress+Hauser instrumentation helps optimize your power and energy operations and processing according to your requirements.

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Pepperl+Fuchs provides precision German engineering focused on the sensor and explosion prevention field, with a specialization in system automation to very tight tolerances. It is possible to increase efficiency of existing machines and equipment and optimize processes with just a few retrofittable, networked Pepperl+Fuchs hardware components like the intrinsically safe mobile devices ecom, and a software platform with appropriate analysis tools.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a range of safety, explosion protection, and industrial sensors designed with the needs of hazardous locations in mind. The range encompasses simple intrinsic safety interface modules and systems, up to Bebco purge systems that can allow general-purpose equipment to operate in areas that would otherwise require specialized, expensive, and energy inefficient equipment.

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For many industries, environmental factors can contribute to major losses in efficiency, whether through heat bleed or external temperatures dropping enough to freeze a line entirely, a stoppage that can cost millions. Carotek offers the full line of Thermon heat trace solutions, as well as energy audits to maximize system efficiency.

Thermon Heat Trace is the only international heat tracing company that focuses its efforts exclusively on heat tracing, with Carotek as their number one distributor. Carotek offers a full front to back inventory of Thermon heat trace products, as well as system design, creation, and installation services. Thermon products are optimally offered as a system - bespoke and custom configured. The recommended option is always to reach out and discuss your exact needs, which will include a full heat trace audit of your plant to identify the best and most efficient solution.

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Vaisala has expanded its portfolio to solve for energy efficiency in raw material processing, steam, electricity and much more. Their in-line process refractometers (formerly K-Patents) continuously monitor liquid concentration to ensure manufacturing quality, increase equipment uptime and maintain accurate density measurements. With a wide range of applications in various industries, such as food and beverage, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, Vaisala process refractometers use refractive index which can be controlled and tuned for minimal energy consumption, while ensuring process reliability and product quality.

When applied to unique, industry-specific applications, these instruments can significantly reduce resource and maintenance requirements. For instance, food manufacturers can more closely monitor energy-intensive operations like evaporation or spray drying to minimize the time and materials needed to complete the process. Similarly, pulp mills can install a refractometer to measure total dissolved solids going into a recovery boiler to confirm dry solids liquor content is of a quality to maximize energy production. As manufacturers seek to develop greater insight into their energy consumption and creation, Vaisala process refractometers offer a continuous monitoring solution that is free from regular maintenance and calibration requirements while maintaining stability and reliability. Learn more about our industrial measurements and process refractometers.

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Flowserve's range of end-to-end solutions include a complete range of control valves, isolation valves, actuators, and positioners, backed up with flow control solutions and back-end systems analysis. The right valve selection is key to improving system efficiency. From anti-cavitation valves and specific erosion control valves for problem process lines, to Teflon lined and high alloy valves for corrosive applications, Flowserve offers a comprehensive range of automated valves, suitable for any end user need.

Valve automation can improve control, precision, and overall efficiency. Engineered for simple installation and maintenance, Flowserve valves can be designed around your system's needs. Solutions include a variety of automated valve packages that can be sized and chosen for cost effectiveness, and an entire range of integrated smart technology that can be set up to manage and automate your system for maximum efficiency.

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Armstrong International

Armstrong International provides intelligent thermal utilities solutions that save time, money, and energy.

Armstrong Industrial water heaters are some of the most efficient on the market, with both the Flo-Direct and ReadiTemp offering instant hot water on demand, saving both energy and costs on inefficient hot water tank heaters that can store gallons of unused water for hours on end.

To keep your systems running at peak efficiency, Armstrong steam trap stations are built around multiple smart design choices, including: a universal two bolt connector and custom footprints that can fit any configuration, simple 5-minute installation, and the ability to replace failing traps in the same time frame without shutting down the whole system. Working with Carotek to optimize an Armstrong International steam trapping system for your application ensures the most efficient overall system performance.

We also offer thermal utility studies designed to audit your existing systems for energy savings opportunties as well as decarbonization. Armstrong's optimization services offer a typical energy savings of 5-15%.  Learn more and download case studies here.

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Intellihot manufactures what are possibly the most efficient and easy to use tankless water heaters on the market today.

Working from a gas fired system, Intellihot water heaters are up to 40% more efficient than traditional heating methods, and help to minimize heating costs, especially for hot water tanks that may not be in constant use. Intellihot water heaters also free up storage space by eliminating the need for large water tanks.

The Neuron is a drop-in solution that entirely replaces a standard tank water heater. For larger systems, the iQ Series is a cascading system that can be freely linked together, without the need for a master control unit, allowing you to freely increase capacity as needed, now or in the future.

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Grundfos Water Pumps

Grundfos aims to solve problems in a better way, and their range of water pumps and other products reflects that. Grundfos products are designed to improve water efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and lower carbon emissions. From pressure boosting pumps to water treatment tech and grey and wastewater management, Grundfos' product solutions are used worldwide.

The Grundfos Magna 3 is a commercial grade pump with built-in smart settings to analyze your heating system and continually optimize output. The result is lower overall energy consumption and long-term wear maximizing efficiency and output.

Get an Energy Audit today to see how much you can save by optimizing your pumps.

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Gardner Denver

Carotek serves as an authorized distributor of Gardner Denver positive displacement (PD) blowers. Each Gardner Denver PD blower series is designed to make bulk transport faster and more efficient.

Gardner Denver pioneered the Cycloblower helical screw rotary blower, featuring helical rotors with unique screw design for superior energy savings. The high efficiency Cycloblower H.E. series offers even greater efficiency than the original Cycloblower helical screw rotary blower. With a 3.5 helical screw rotor profile, Cycloblower H.E. series models deliver up to pressures up to 36 psi, vacuum up to 22 inches of mercury, and air flows up to 6200 CFM.

In comparable applications, a Cycloblower H.E. model delivers higher pressure than typical straight lobe blowers, at lower horsepower (BHP). With energy consumption as the largest cost of blower ownership, the best-in-class energy efficiency of the CycloBlower H.E. series lowers your bottom line and increases your profits.

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Wilden’s efficient AODD pump designs aim to pump more gallons per minute than any others in the industry, with up to 34% greater flow rates than other AODD pumps. With their combination of reliability, durability, solid performance, Wilden AODD pumps set a standard in energy efficiency and optimized production.

Air is expensive. With a unique engineered air distribution system (ADS,) Wilden pumps reduce air consumption compared to major competitors. And Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT Series pumps are equipped with an industry-leading air valve that automatically restricts the amount of air flowing into the pump, optimizing savings in air and operational costs. The result is up to 60% reduction in air consumption without loss of flow performance.

Wilden pumps are market leaders when it comes to reliable and economical solutions. If you're looking for energy efficiency and dependability, Wilden pumps are a solid choice.

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Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle claw vacuum pumps offer reliable long life performance in demanding applications operating with virtually no maintenance. Two counter rotating claws rotate in a contact-less oil-free pumping chamber, operating with tight clearances to ensure quiet, clean and efficient vacuum service. Custom tailor your claw pump to the application.

Their newest model, the VLR 62 and VLR 122 feature low energy consumption - Up to 50% better specific performance (VLR 62(31)), which reduces the CO2 imprint to a minimum and saves an end customer up to $700 per year in energy costs.

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Viking Pump

The Viking Gear Pump is the gold standard in Viking pump design. Based on an incredibly simplistic design with only two moving parts, each Viking pump is efficiently constructed and very durable.

The design principle extends throughout, with each pump being built to spec, and over 61,000 possible combinations that can be tailored to come up with the most efficient pump for almost any need. Viking Gear Pumps are rated to operating temperatures as low as -85C and upwards of 400C, and with various options for seals, fluid viscosity, high-wear materials, and more. If there's a job, there's a Viking pump that is designed to handle it.

High tolerances and rugged construction mean that choosing a Viking pump reduces maintenance and downtime costs. They also speed installation and pump changes because of their universal design, reducing environmental impact from damaged lines. All Viking pumps also come with a 3-year warranty as standard. Carotek can aid in selecting the most efficient and cost effective Viking pump for your application.

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Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs can be achieved in a number of ways – through auditing energy usage and process efficiency, upgrading or modifying equipment, and implementing monitoring and automation. Let Carotek partner with you in finding smart products designed to reduce energy costs and improve the bottom line.