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ESCO Pumps Self Priming Pumps

Esco-pumps-logoCarotek is the exclusive stocking distributor for ESCO Pump in NC, SC, VA, GA, TN.  For over 60 years, ESCO has provided top quality, reliable product, with unsurpassed customer support, all while providing the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

Product lines include self-priming water pumps for wastewater, industrial, construction and agricultural applications, centrifugal pumps and vertical pumps.  Products are interchangeable with all major brands like Gorman Rupp, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality and service.  

  • High and dry: Only suction pipe in the pump
  • Acess: pump is at floor level for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Wearing Parts: minimum number of wearing parts
  • Foot valves: Not required
  • Air Handling: Automatically self-reprimes following suction breaks
  • Back Pull Out: easy maintenance or repair by removing the sigle-piece rotating assembly without disturbing existing piping
  • Drive: Standard off-the-shelf motors
  • Impeller: Solid particles higher handling capabilities
  • Inspection Cover: no special tools are required for an ease of unclogging the pump or replacing the wear plate
  • Coupling: Direct or pulley and belt shaft end drive connection
  • Pump Out Vanes (impeller): placed on the impeller backwards, prevent solid particles from building up in that region
  • Settled Solid Matter: allows an odorless operation by reducing solid matters settling down on the sump bottom

Self-Priming Pumps

Entirely manufactured in Brazil, Esco Master product line, models LP and HP, resulted from an innovative project that incorporates the most advanced available technology of self-repriming centrifugal pump.

The performance curve, comprising a range of rotation speeds, allows a better match of the pump to each application, also making it possible to assign a same pump model to diverse applications.

The Esco Master line offers a highly efficient operation for longer useful life than common centrifugal pumps. The internal design of the pump casing and its high precision iron casting process result in smooth surfaces, which assures a better performance.

LP and HP models design meets the requirements for installation in sewer lift stations, food industry, paper and cellulose, steel mills, agriculture, cattle rising, fish farming, petrochemical, flood control, among other applications.

Tests according to ISO 2548 standards, guarantee each pump performance before delivering, with the quality and reliability that give Bombas Esco the leadership in pumps manufacture and pumping solutions.

Automatic Self-repriming - Their outstanding operational achievement is the capability to automatically self-repriming after getting started, without needing the well known “foot valves” or any other device for this purpose in the suction line. 

The pump features a replaceable wear plate easily accessed by disengaging the inspection cover, which also makes it possible to unclog the impeller or the volute by removing any solid material eventually stuck in them. The rotating assembly comprising bearings, shaft, mechanical seal, and impeller among other related parts that are essential for the pump operation, can be pulled out by the opposite side of the pump without disassembling any other pump parts or the piping. Its parts fit together in a single-unity assembly. 


Esco Self Priming Pump

Centrifugal Pumps

Horizontal shaft self-repriming centrifugal pump, with semi-open impeller, is appropriate for pumping raw sewage. Upon request and technical analysis, it also applies for pumping other liquids with solids in suspension in industrial process and effluents in general.

Sizes from 2” to 12”, axial suction face, radial displacement discharge, capability of solid particles handling from 1.3/4” to 3”, it automatically self-reprimes after a pumping interruption.

Laboratory tests in the plant certify the operational outflow specified by the customers, ranging from 10 m3/h to 1.250 m3/h with the total dynamic discharge head ranging from 4 mH2O to 40 mH2O.

The self-repriming capability varies from 1,5 mH2O to 7,6 mH2O of total dynamic suction lift depending on the rotation speed and pump model (according to the related performance curves in this catalogue).

The pump can be electric or combustion engine driven, with direct coupling systems or pulley and belts.

Pulleys are tightened on the shaft by means of conical sleeves for an easy assembly, maintenance and eventual adjustments 

Esco Centrifugal Pump

Vertical Pumps

Capacity: up to 17.500m3/h
Head: up to 500mca Temperature: up to 90°C

Installations of up to 450m depth Multi- stage capability. 


- Deep wells with high flow capacities; - Chemical, petrochemical and steel industries;
- Public and private water supply systems;
- Fire fighting systems;
- Drainage;
- Irrigation;
- Water abstraction in reservoirs, deep wells, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and off- shore oil platforms. 


Esco Vertical Pumps  

Look inside:

Esco Pump Cutaway Simulation

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