BioGill Wastewater Treatment


  • Energy Savings for Industry
    Often, the best way to save energy for an existing process isn't to invest in expensive machinery that requires a complete system rebuild. Rather, monitoring the system more efficiently can expose vulnerabilities or energy losses like heat bleed or failing components.
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    Carotek’s specialized product application engineers can help you determine the best products to meet stringent sanitary standards, increase product quality and consistency and enhance the efficiencies of your food and beverage processes.
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    Making the right decision on which process equipment to buy takes research and understanding.  At Carotek,  we have the experts to help you build your specification requirements, then select and size the right pump, valve, instrumentation, steam & hydronics products, as well as more complicated systems like seal pots, control panels & process skids. Read our guides here to get started, then contact us for additional assistance.
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