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Processing Equipment for the Chemical Industry

Chemical Tanks, Valves & TubesChemical process equipment faces rigorous demands, and safety and reliability are key in the industry. Carotek works with suppliers to ensure that chemical processing equipment – chemical pumps, valves, instrumentation, and steam equipment – is designed to maintain steady production while adhering to health and safety requirements.

Carotek product application specialists keep these requirements in mind when assisting with chemical process equipment selection and design. Carotek has been helping chemical process control managers with their equipment needs since 1965. So, when you need help selecting and purchasing the right chemical processing equipment, contact us, and let our product application engineers recommend the right solution to meet your exact specifications.

Learn more about Carotek’s broad selection of process equipment for the chemical industry:

Chemical Processing Instrumentation

In the chemical industry, instrumentation must perform precise functions, and must stand up to harsh conditions like temperature extremes, corrosive environments, and hazardous materials. Carotek’s engineering support and service staff help with the right products for the chemical industry – products that meet uniform operating safety standards. With our understanding of your chemical processes, we can help you enhance productivity, product quality, and plant safety.

We offer chemical instrumentation products and expertise from leading providers:

  • Endress+Hauser engineering tools and standardized processes improve your plant’s safe performance. E+H specializes in high-tech field instruments designed to control automation processes for the chemical industry.
  • Thermon process equipment heat tracing products are used for applications from freeze protection to high temperature maintenance. Thermon’s software shows detailed design and performance information for electric and steam tracing.
  • Pepperl and Fuchs industrial sensors and explosion protection products protect instrumentation. Carotek offers these products for hazardous or flammable material handling for emergency shutdown, fire and gas, automation and asset management systems.
  • Ashcroft manufactures pressure and temperature gauges, switches, transducers, and transmitters. These instruments can be specially suited for aggressive and abrasive material, and can be configured with compatible wetted parts or fitted with diaphragm seals to resist corrosive processes.
  • Eurotherm products are leaders in processing, automation, and machine controls.

Chemical Valves

Chemical valves perform essential functions while maintaining safety, reliability and environmental requirements. The right chemical valve minimizes downtime and improves production efficiency, reducing energy usage and environmental risk. Carotek offers expertise and valves for all chemical industry environments: clean and dirty environments, viscous and corrosive liquids and gases, sludges, and slurries.

Carotek employs a number of specialized valves from industry leading manufacturers that understand the chemical processing industry.

  • DeZURIK, SVF, and Flowserve (Valtek, Kammer, Durco, Atomac) supply a variety of chemical valve types for everything from general applications to viscous and corrosive liquids to corrosive gases and steam.
  • DFT supplies chemical check valves that can withstand harsh environments, and include valves that control nitrogen purging.
  • Hardy Process Solutions offers weighing instruments, sensors and scales.
  • Qtrco provides stainless steel and ductile iron high performance actuators.
  • Tretter (TMC) supplies drain valves to help with mixing and plugging issues, and sampling valves for injection, venting, draining, kill valves, and sampling.
  • Kammer Valves are engineered and manufactured for challenging applications.  Kammer is perfect for custom applications, due to the versatility and interchangeability of the Kammer design.  Over half of all Kammer valves are custom designed, often at no additional cost.
  • Valtek Valves are known for reliability, long life, parts interchangeability, ease of maintenance and prompt delivery.  Valtek's line includes the popular Mark series of linear globe/angle control valves, quarter-turn control, severe service, cavitation control, erosion resistant, high performance, pneumatic actuators, digital and analog positioners.

Chemical Industry Steam

Dealing with steam may require pressure controls, temperature controls, condensate pumps, strainers, isolation valves, refrigeration system purgers, and steam filters. Selecting the right steam products for the chemical industry can help conserve energy and save money.

  • Armstrong steam products measure steam flow, drain liquids from gases, and vent gases from liquids. Steam filters filter the steam to maintain low differential pressure at high flow rates. Pressure reducing valves and temperature regulators maintain productivity. Air vents remove gas from a pressurized liquid. And unified steam generators produce clean steam for humidification, sterilization, pharmaceutical, and food processing. 
  • Carotek also custom build Steam Water Analysis Systems to proactively sample at right temperature for measurement and monitoring chemical levels.

Chemical Pumps

Choosing a chemical process pump is a complex and important part of chemical production. Temperature, pressure, abrasion, corrosive materials, and safety are specifications to consider when choosing what pump to use. Even a small issue with pump material selection can create pitting and corrosion, resulting in decreased performance and eventually total pump failure. Fluid containment is a factor to consider because it vital to control emissions in the chemical process.

Carotek offers pumps specially designed for the needs of the chemical industry from industry leading manufacturers:

  • Viking Pump products are suitable for basic chemical manufacturing or for environments where temperature control is required. Some Viking pumps remove abrasives and contaminants upstream.
  • PumpWorks is known for processes caustic/acidic processing, chemical injection, abrasive/corrosive liquid transfer, water transfer and waste processing.
  • Sulzer provides a well known selection of pumps specifically designed for the chemical industry.

Contact Carotek for assistance with your chemical pump system.

Chemical Process Skids & Control Panels

Carotek offers a wide range of ANSI and API certified chemical process skids for various applications like:

  • Chemical Injection
  • Chemical Filtration
  • Chemical Blending
  • Chemical Extraction
  • Chemical Metering
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Chemical Feeding
  • Chemical Transport

Carotek also offers control panel and system integrations for chemical processing applications, even offering hazardous environment certifications.

Carotek’s specialized sales engineers offer the power of solutions to keep your chemical processes safe, meet stringent hazardous standards,  manage costs, and keep processes running.  Contact us today.

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