In the food and beverage industry, process integrity, recipe compliance, and product reliability are basic prerequisites in food processing. Most processes must remain closed and contamination of the process media must be prevented in every phase of production.

Carotek understands these needs and can provide the expertise, the products and the service to meet these requirements. We offer specialized products in instrumentation, valves, pumps, steam & hydronics as well as complete process skids and control panels for process automation and process control systems.

Carotek’s specialized product application engineers are available to help you determine the best products to meet stringent sanitary standards, increase product quality and consistency and enhance the efficiencies of your process. Whatever your needs, let Carotek help.


Carotek carries specialized instrumentation product lines that cater to the food and beverage industry.

Endress & Hauser

EHEDG approved Mass flow Meters, Level, Analytical measurement, Pressure instrumentation, and Temperature instrumentation. E+H gives you accurate measurements, increases productivity, and reduces cost. They can easily meet regulations for hygiene in food safety and are able to measure: Percent concentration, Temperature, Velocity, Leakage detection, Tank level, Interface detection.


Food grade instrumentation, including products that allow Clean-in-place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-place (SIP), such as stainless steel gauges and compact pressure switches and transducers for tight spaces


Process controllers and sensors to monitor and control pressure and temperature levels that are crucial to safe, repeatable, and high-quality food and beverage products.


Designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and integrated fluid management solutions.

Hardy Process Solutions

Broad line of process weighing instrumentation, load cells, sensors and scales for use in a variety of applications including mixing/blending, filling/dispensing, check weighing, rate control/monitoring, level by weight, and filling/dispensing.


Food grade instrumentation for food industry applications, including sugar and sweeteners, wine and beer, dairy, coffee and tea, eggs, jam, soybean oil, and much more. K-Patents’ EHEDG certified refractometers measure liquid concentration and liquid density.


Manufactures the widest variety of electric heating cables and control systems in the world.


Carotek offers specialized valve product lines for the food and beverage industry.

SVF Flow Controls

Ball valves, actuators, and controls that suit the hygienic needs of food and beverage processing. Highly sanitary ball valves are flow control devices that meet industry criteria for purity of materials and design


3-A certified silent in-line check valves and severe service control valves. DSV check valves prevent flow reversal in systems and comply with the most stringent cleanliness codes.


Solenoid valves and fluid control solutions for the food and beverage industry including steam and hot water applications


Designed specifically for both Hygienic and Aseptic applications whether pumping, isolating, diverting or controlling your process flows. Avoid cross contamination with mixproof valves.


Sterile valves that meet the USDA and 3A requirements and are also Clean In Place (CIP) and Steam In Place (SIP).


Specializes in the production of high performance, corrosion resistant ball valves and automated systems. Inline offers an exceptional line of sanitary valves designed for food & beverage applications.


High quality valve actuators for a variety of industries including food & beverage



Some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world turn to Armstrong as their trusted thermal utility partner. We offer Steam, Hot Water, Condensate Systems, Pressure Boosters & Controls, as well as Steam System Services and Training.


Steam trap and machine health monitoring with batteryless sensors that use only harvested energy


The food and beverage industry relies on pumping and mixing solutions. Pumps are often specialized for distinct processes such as sugar, starch and sweetener production. Separation equipment is mostly used in beverage manufacturing and the process supports purification and concentration. Carotek has various pump product lines that cater to the food and beverage industry’s hygienic and sanitary requirements


Lobe Pumps meet the low shear and accurate dosing requirements for food and beverage operations, from meat products to confectionary at all temperatures. Lobe Pumps are available EHEDG and 3A certified, with CIP cleanability, selfdraining, leak-proof seals and more. Remanufacture and parts replaceability for Waukesha pumps


The “One Nut Pump” is a favorite for juices, relishes, dairy products, flavorings, mayonnaise, soft drinks, and more. They help increase line speed, improve food handling, decrease maintenance time required to meeting sanitary standards, improve dosing accuracy, and maximize product utilization.


Saniflo AODD pumps excel in hygienic applications - designed to conform with sanitary standards (3A, EHEDG and FDA Guidelines) while providing gentle product handling, superior containment and easy maintenance.


MM Series (AODD) Pumps are designed to meet the strict standards, regulations and operational requirements of the food and beverage industry. They feature food-grade wetted materials and a construction that enables clean-in-place (CIP) and sanitize-in-place (SIP) capabilities

Elmo Rietschle

Vacuum pumps for thermoforming for packaging products in sanitary environments.

Viking Pump

Specialized designs for chocolate, edible oils, corn syrup, peanut butter, sugar and more. Stainless steel options with the leak-proof barrier seal contribute to these pumps high performance.


Carotek offers control panel fabrication, as well as system integrations for food and beverage processes that have sanitary requirements. Control panels and PLC control cabinets are fully customizable according to your specifications. We design, fabricate, develop software and assist with system startup.