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Donaldson - FlowTech - LJ Wing

Donaldson, FlowTech, LJ Wing round out our manufacturers dedicated to the Steam & Hydronics segment of our business.


  • Donaldson is a world leader in Clean Steam and Sanitary Process Filtration
  • Product lines: Culinary Steam Filtration, Sanitary Filtration, Sanity Air Vents
  • Distributor.  Partner for 2 years.
  • Carotek is focused on the sanitary steam and process markets with specific training for these areas
  • Territory: NC, SC, VA, GA


  • Flow-Tech manufactures non-intrusive systems to control scale and biological fouling in piping systems
  • Product lines: Chemical-free scale reduction and biological growth reduction systems
  • Service offered: Authorized service provider
  • Representative.  Partner for 2 years
  • Carotek is the exclusive representative for Flow-Tech Systems
  • Territory: NC, SC, VA, GA, TN

LJ Wing

  • Subsidiary of Mestek
  • LJ Wing is a manufacturer of HVAC equipment to control the temperature of outside air  for commercial and industrial applications
  • Product lines: Face and By-pass Coils, Rotating Discharge Unit Heaters, Door Heaters, Air Handling Units
  • Representative.  Partner for 10 years
  • Exclusive representative for the State of Virginia with a highly trained staff to assist with the application and selection of Wing products
  • Territory: VA

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