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  • States: GA, NC, SC, VA
  • Summary: Whether industrial or commercial, Carotek has the correct Armstrong steam trap for your application. Our solution experts can assist in specificying the right steam trap products for your steam system design.
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These trap designs are all specialized to help optimize your steam trapping system providing the longest life and most efficient performance. The chart below shows the most prevalent traps and how they apply to various applications.
 ThermostaticThermodynamic Traps (Disc)F&T TrapsInverted Bucket
Modulation Poor Fair Good Fair
Backpressure Good Poor Good Good
Dirt Fair Poor Poor Good
Wear Fair Poor Good Good
Water Hammer Poor Good Poor Good
Freezing Good Good Poor Fair
By educating our customers as to the best trap for each application, Carotek and Armstrong help you to operate your steam systems at a world class level. Carotek practices the Armstrong motto “Knowledge not shared is energy wasted” every day to help our customers gain that needed knowledge. Inverted Bucket Steam TrapsRefer to the Steam Conservation Guide for more information.
Carotek offers a range of in-house and on-site training including live steam demonstrations of common trap operation and issues that impact proper trap selection. We also conduct full steam trap audits utilizing Dr. Trap testing equipment and Armstrong SteamStar™ Web based steam trap management software.
For steam trap selection, trap audits or steam training, contact our specialists today to see how Carotek can help you take the next step towards having a world class steam distribution system.
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