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  • States: NC, SC, VA
  • Summary: Amtrol specializes in tanks and other products for commercial plumbing and hot water applications.
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Amtrol specializes in tanks and other products for commercial plumbing and hot water applications. All Amtrol tanks and other products are made in the United States in ISO 9001:2008 registered facilities.

Therm-X-Trol thermal expansion tanks protect commercial water heaters and fixtures by controlling pressure in closed, potable hot water systems. They range from 2 to 528 gallons, up to 300 PSIG, and partial or full acceptance bladder in both ASME and non-ASME designs .City pressure boosters increase city water pressure up to 50 PSIG in multi-family dwellings.Premier water heaters are indirect fired water heaters suitable for commercial applications, featuring high output heat exchangers up to 400,000 BTUH. These heaters allow rapid recovery to meet high demands.Diatrol shock & surge suppressors are ASME tanks with replaceable bladders, designed to eliminate water hammer and absorb pressure surges in potable hot and cold water systems.Water hammer arrestors include the Mini-trol arrestor, with no mechanical parts or seals, to eliminate water hammer from fast-acting valves, and the Diatrol arrestor, which has a bladder for reliable protection.
Commercial Plumbing
Carotek offers a variety of Steam System Services to ensure your Thermal Systems (Steam/Hot Water) are operating at peak performance.  These services help reach your goals of maximizing energy efficiency, process efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Whether it is for Industrial heating or cooling, Commercial HVAC, Domestic Hot Water, Humidification, Equipment Washdown, or Water Pressure Boosting, Carotek offers the expertise, products, and services to assess your needs and provide cost effective solutions.  We have partnered with industry leading manufacturers such as Armstrong International, Grundfos, Shannon Global Energy, Intellihot, and others to bring you the best product and service results.

We offer

  • Decarbonization Roadmaps
  • Energy Audits
  • Thermal Utility Assessments
  • Detailed Thermal Design Engineering
  • Steam Trap Surveys
  • Steam Trap & Hot Water Monitoring
  • Steam System Management (Steam as a Service)
  • Thermal System Training - both online and in person

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