Armstrong ABH Gas Fired Hot Water Heater

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, VA
  • Summary: Armstrong Digital-Flo® steam fired hot water heating systems for domestic hot water systems featuring the patented Brain® digital mixing valve for precise water temperature control.
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Armstrong ABH Gas Fired Hot Water Heater

A complete pre-piped condensing high efficiency gas-fired water heater featuring The Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve (DRV).

Up to 99.8% efficiency (based on incoming water temperature) with a modulating stainless steel burner and a 5:1 turn down ratio (per heater).
  • Digital technology, via the DRV, provides precise water temperature control,  enhanced user safety, and versatile Building Automation 
  • System (BS)  connectivity options all in a single-source assembly
  • Configurable rack mount modular Water Heaters with multiple Storage Tank options with up to 40:1 turndown
  • Standard and Configurable custom Hot Water Generation and Temperature Control solutions with integrated DRV (The Brain) & BAS or SAGE Smart Hot Water System Monitoring & Documentation
  • Pre-Piped Systems can be accessorized to suit with Circulation Pumps, Expansion Tanks, additional Heat Exchangers and related componentry

ABH Models

ABH299 - 299,000 BTU (Minimum) Plus Storage

ABH399 - 399,000 BTU (Minimum) Plus Storage

ABH599 - 599,000 BTU (Minimum) Plus Storage

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Carotek offers a variety of Steam System Services to ensure your Thermal Systems (Steam/Hot Water) are operating at peak performance.  These services help reach your goals of maximizing energy efficiency, process efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Whether it is for Industrial heating or cooling, Commercial HVAC, Domestic Hot Water, Humidification, Equipment Washdown, or Water Pressure Boosting, Carotek offers the expertise, products, and services to assess your needs and provide cost effective solutions.  We have partnered with industry leading manufacturers such as Armstrong International, Grundfos, Shannon Global Energy, Intellihot, and others to bring you the best product and service results.

We offer

  • Decarbonization Roadmaps
  • Energy Audits
  • Thermal Utility Assessments
  • Detailed Thermal Design Engineering
  • Steam Trap Surveys
  • Steam Trap & Hot Water Monitoring
  • Steam System Management (Steam as a Service)
  • Thermal System Training - both online and in person

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