Armstrong ABH Gas Fired Hot Water Heater

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, VA
  • Summary: Armstrong Digital-Flo® steam fired hot water heating systems for domestic hot water systems featuring the patented Brain® digital mixing valve for precise water temperature control.
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Armstrong ABH Gas Fired Hot Water Heater

A complete pre-piped condensing high efficiency gas-fired water heater featuring The Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve (DRV).

Up to 99.8% efficiency (based on incoming water temperature) with a modulating stainless steel burner and a 5:1 turn down ratio (per heater).
  • Digital technology, via the DRV, provides precise water temperature control,  enhanced user safety, and versatile Building Automation 
  • System (BS)  connectivity options all in a single-source assembly
  • Configurable rack mount modular Water Heaters with multiple Storage Tank options with up to 40:1 turndown
  • Standard and Configurable custom Hot Water Generation and Temperature Control solutions with integrated DRV (The Brain) & BAS or SAGE Smart Hot Water System Monitoring & Documentation
  • Pre-Piped Systems can be accessorized to suit with Circulation Pumps, Expansion Tanks, additional Heat Exchangers and related componentry

ABH Models

ABH299 - 299,000 BTU (Minimum) Plus Storage

ABH399 - 399,000 BTU (Minimum) Plus Storage

ABH599 - 599,000 BTU (Minimum) Plus Storage

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