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Viking Mag Drive Pumps

Viking Mag Drive Pumps work in a variety of applications from viscous fluids to low viscosity fluids, and large to small flows.  The major advantages of Viking Pump Mag Drive pumps are their seal-less technology, leakage prevention and a 3 year limited warranty.  Carotek can help you specify the right pump - from the Universal Mag Drive,  the Motor Speed Mag Drive and the Spur Gear Mag Drive.

Viking Pump Universal Mag Drive

Viking Universal Mag DriveThe Universal Mag Drive is one of Viking’s more popular Internal Gear pumps supporting applications with larger flows and more viscous fluids.

It is the ideal sealing technology within Viking’s Universal Seal Series of pumps. It is dimensionally interchangeable with Viking bracket styled heavy duty and Universal Seal pumps, allowing an easy upgrade from packed or mechanical seals to seal-less technology. The Universal Mag Drive’s hermetic, static sealed canister provides the highest level of liquid containment available by eliminating traditional dynamic shaft seals. It also eliminates housekeeping issues and downtime due to seal failure. This product is designed to handle a broad range of applications requiring continuous duty at pressures up to 200 PSI (14 Bar).

Universal Mag Drive Features:

  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime associated with shaft seal failure and replacement.
  • Reduces environmental costs associated with shaft seal leakage.
  • Minimizes installation costs when upgrading existing universal series pumps to sealless with dimensionally interchangeable footprint.
  • Bi-directional pumping design eliminates cost of second pump for loading or unloading.
  • 3 year limited warranty

Universal Mag Drive Specifications:

The Universal Mag Drive Series features 9 different sizes with flows to 500 GPM (114 M3/Hr), with three materials of construction options. They may be applied to both thin and thick liquids, and operate in either direction. They are also capable of operating under suction lift conditions.

  • Max. Capacity: 500 GPM (115 M³/hr)
  • Max. Pressure: 200 PSI (14 BAR)
  • Max. Viscosity: 250,000 SSU (55,000 cSt)
  • Temperature Range: -120°F to +500°F (-85°C to +260°C)

The Universal Mag Drive provides the product durability and the flexibility of options customers expect from the Viking heavy duty pumps with the added benefit of providing a direct drop-in replacement that has a dimensionally interchangeable footprint with the Viking bracket styled heavy duty and Universal Seal counterpart.

This magnetically driven series pumps eliminate the need for complex shaft seals traditionally associated with hazardous, hard-to-seal, or expensive liquids. These pumps are ideal for applications like caustics, isocyanates, adhesives, solvents and mercaptans.

Viking Pump Motor Speed Mag Drive

The Viking Pump Internal Gear Motor Speed Mag Drive Pump is ideal for applications with smaller flows and for thinner fluids.  Viking Motor Speed Mag Drive is designed to provide positive displacement pumping capability in those situations that require the highest assurance of liquid containment. Viking Mag Drive provides for the safe, trouble-free transfer of hazardous, EPA-regulated fluids without electronic monitoring as required with mechanical face- type shaft seals. Hard-to-seal liquids are also easily handled with the Viking Motor Speed Mag Drive which eliminates the high cost of mechanical seal replacement and repair.

Viking Motor Speed Mag Drive

A variety of coupling sizes are available for flow requirements to 75 GPM. The torque-carrying ability of high-strength magnets allows pumps to be coupled with gear reducers for slow-speed handling of viscous liquids as well as the ability to direct drive at motor speeds. The self-priming positive-displacement pumping principle provides low-shear, non-pulsating flow. Internal gear pumps are available in stainless steel, steel, and cast iron construction.

Motor Speed Mag Drive Features:

  • Series 855 offers IEC or NEMA motor mounts and ANSI or DIN flanges.
  • Casing and canister drains facilitate servicing.
  • Series 893/895/897 offer NPT / BSP or ANSI flange ports and NEMA motor mounts.
  • Long-coupled design available for applications requiring speed reducers.

Motor Speed Mag Drive Specifications:

  • Max. Capacity: 130 GPM (30 M³/hr)
  • Max. Pressure: 200 PSI (14 BAR)
  • Max. Viscosity: 250,000 SSU (55,000 cSt)
  • Temperature Range: -50°F to +225°F (-45°C to +110°C)

Viking Pump Spur Gear Mag Drive 

The Viking Pump Spur External Gear Mag Drive is ideal for applications with the lowest flows and thinner fluids like isocyanate, and foam.  Viking's Spur Gear series pumps are ideal for low-capacity, high-pressure, motor-speed applications.

Where shaft seal leakage is not allowable, for liquids that are hard to seal, or where seal maintenance is difficult, Viking Mag Drive seal-less Spur Gear pumps are the solution. In this type of pump, a canister hermetically seals the liquid within the pump. Inner magnets are connected to the pump drive shaft inside the canister, and an outer magnet assembly rotates outside of the canister, driven by a motor or other drive, so that magnetic forces pass through the canister to the inner magnets and cause the drive shaft to rotate. This eliminates traditional dynamic shaft seals, and problems associated with them (wear, leakage, air infiltration).

A hollow drive shaft allows some liquid to flow by means of pressure differential from the high pressure side of the pump through the shaft, into the canister and back to the low pressure side of the pump.This provides magnet cooling and prevents product stagnation.

Viking Spur GearViking Mag Drive pumps are an ideal solution for:

  • Hazardous liquids such as caustics or acids
  • Flammable liquids such as fuels or alcohols
  • Liquids which are difficult to seal such as resins or isocyanates used in polyurethane foam production
  • Strong aromatics such as perfumes or mercaptum
  • Expensive liquids such as heat transfer liquid or those used in pharmaceutical production
  • Applications where seal failure is absolutely unacceptable such as pipeline sampling


  • Foam
  • Fuels and Additives
  • Polyurethane Meter / Mix
  • Adhesive & Sealant Dispensing
  • Pipeline Sampling
  • Chemical Metering
  • Heat Transfer Oils

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