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Veris Flow Measurement Product Distributor - Verabar and Accelabar

Veris Flow Measurement ProductsCarotek is the representative of the Veris line of flow measurement products, including Verabar and Accelabar in NC, SC and VA.  Veris, a subsidiary of Armstrong International, offers the latest differential pressure flowmeter technology to accurately measure flow.  Along with their innovative products - Verabar and Accelabar - Carotek will also offer on-site calibration as well as in-depth application knowledge and service.

Veris is the industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of special designs, extra large pipes and ducts, underground installations, prefabricated spool sections, partial inserts to sense half of velocity profile for hot taps.

Veris Flow Measurement applicationVeris Verabar and Accelabar are both patented solutions that mean your flow measurements will be consistent, accurate and reliable.  They handle a wide variety of liquids, gases and steam.  Veris backs their rugged and reliable construction with a 5-year performance warranty. From the steel mills of the United States to power plants of the Far East, Veris products are designed to perform maintenance-free in real-world industrial applications.

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