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SVF Flow Controls and Valves

Carotek is a Master Distributor for SVF, a leading manufacturer of Process Ball Valves & Actuators for process industries. SVF products are used and specified in chemical, power, pulp & paper, refining, semiconductor, food & beverage and pharmaceutical facilities throughout the world. 

 SVF provides:

  • Three piece ball valve known for its inherent flexibility and rugged, reliable performance.
  • Flanged valves for larger lines including applications such as steam, tank bottom, control valves as well as fire safe and cryogenic designs.
  • CleanFlow™ high purity valves specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical, biotech, food & beverages industries where particle generation and contamination can threaten the outcome of processing. 
  • High Pressure valves for all high-pressure applications including hydraulics, steam, oxygen, vacuum, thermal fluids, chemical, oil and gas, food processing and dry or liquid chlorine.


All SVF Flow Controls products are designed to meet or exceed industry performance and safety standards.

Carotek's inventory allows for quick turnarounds for your orders. Our highly trained technical application specialists are readily available to help with all SVF applications. 

SVF Direct Mount Automated Ball Valve/Actuator Packages

SVF now offers pre-engineered automated ball valve packages in a comprehensive product selection system that simplifies the process of selecting the most common valve and actuator configurations.  

svf direct mount valve packages


All of the valves in these packages are pre-selected to reflect the most popular features

  • All 316SS construction (Except for BZ9 = Bronze)
  • End connections are: Threaded FNPT, Flanged and Tri-Clamp for the SB9 Sanitary valves
  • All valves are full ported


Pneumatic actuators are the most common type of actuators used in process applications. Our packages offers two types:

  1. Double Acting, which requires air pressure for opening and closing the valve.
  2. Spring Return, which requires air pressure in one direction and the mechanical springs drive to the other direction. The Spring Action is a “safety” feature in the event of a loss of air pressure in the process environment.

In process plants air pressure is used for pneumatic valve automation. Plant pressure (or instrument air pressure) is usually available in 80psi. Some plants and applications may use 60psi.

Optional Control Accessories include Pilot Valve, Limit Switch, and Nexus-LP (combined pilot valve and limit switch)

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