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Steam & Hot Water Coils

Carotek has been supplying coils to our customers for over 30 years. We are proud to represent Armstrong International and LJ Wing (in Virginia) for their fine coil products.

Through our partnership with Armstrong, Carotek can supply the finest heavy-duty industrial hot water coils and steam heating coils available on the market today. Whether designed as an exact fit replacement or for a new application, Carotek can fit the right product to the application. Fin types include:

  • Keyfin - which offers a superior design when dissimilar materials are used for the tube and fin
  • L Fin - for use when the tube and fin are of similar materials
  • Overlap L Fin - provides a design that crates a completely aluminized coil protecting the underlying steel tube from corrosion

Steam coil selection takes into consideration many design factors. Armstrong utilizes three particular coil designs for these applications to provide long life and efficient heat transfer. They are:
Industrial Hot Water Coils

  • Standard Coils - this design is used when entering air temperatures are above 35 deg. F and steam is at a constant temperature
  • Centifeed Coils - the Centifeed design allows for the coil to be used in modulating applications, where even temperature distribution is critical and when stainless steel tubes are used
  • Tandem Coils - are ideal for use in freezing air temperature applications. The design ensures that the coil will not freeze due to condensate back-up

In addition to heavy-duty steam coils, Carotek also supplies the following coil products as manufactured by Armstrong International:

  • Heavy-duty Water and Glycol coils   Steam Heating Coils                     
  • Duralite™ Plate Fin coils
  • Unit heaters 
  • Hot Breath™ Portable heaters
  • Hot Bin™ Silo pest management heaters
  • Duramix™ Face and By-pass coils
  • Tank heaters

LJ Wing specializes in the manufacture of Integral Face and By-pass coils (IFB’s), Revolving Discharge Unit Heaters and Steadyair® make-up air heating systems. Wing introduced the IFB in 1961 revolutionizing the make-up air coil. Available in both horizontal (IFB) and vertical (VIFB) configurations, they are still the industry standard today. 

How Can We Help?

No matter what your process or air heating needs, Carotek can recommend the appropriate Armstrong coil for your application. Call your Carotek steam specialist today to get a proposal for your steam or hot water coil requirements. To request a quote it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Process application type i.e. air process heating
  • Process heating requirements
  • Coil dimension requirements
  • Steam or hot water heating
  • Inlet steam pressure or water temperature

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