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Roto Pumps - Progressive Cavity Ultra

Roto Progressive Cavity Pumps LogoCarotek is a distributor for Roto PC Pumps in NC, SC, VA, TN and GA. Roto Ultra Progressive Cavity Pumps are competitively priced and perfect for industrial slurry process and municipal sludge process.

Roto features a dual Cardan Universal Joint pump design, (2) heavy duty, bronze bushed, universal joints in a grease packed boots enabling the articulation required for the Progressive Cavity motion.  The Roto Ultra Series (RD, RM, RL)  features a 24 month warranty on its’ Cardan Universal Joint.

Roto also specializes in supplying direct replacement parts like stators, rotors, and seals for competitive equipment like Moyno Pumps, Mono, Netzch, Seepex and others.  They ship and stock specific parts from their Tulsa OK facility.

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Progressive Cavity Pumps Details

Roto Ultra Progressive Cavity pumps are designed to pump ‘tough – to – handle’ fluids with ease.  The heavy duty construction of these pumps is based on the modular concepts and incorporate next generation pumping elements (molded to metal) stator, solid shaft and double sealed Cardan Universal Joints for improved performance and longer service life.

These progressing pumps are available in bare shaft and close coupled configuration. 6 and 8 stages in select sizes. A variety of material of construction, shaft sealing options are also available.

The pumping element comprises of a precision machined single external helix metallic rotor, and a double internal helix elastomer stator. Due to the special profile of the rotor and stator set, a sealing line is formed along the axis of the rotor which is maintained at both static and dynamic conditions.  As the rotor turns within the stator, these cavities progress from the suction to the discharge end of the pump carrying the fluid.

Roto Pump Features

Positive Displacement

Because of single rotating element, progressive cavities are generated which deliver a uniform, metered and non-pulsating flow. The head developed is independent of the rotational speed, where as the capacity is proportionate to the speed.

Self priming

Inherently self-priming, the pumps can work on snore and do not require foot valve.


Can handle solid in suspension or medias containing a high percentage of solids.

Low NPSH Requirement

Suction lift capabilities of up to 9.5mwc and effective in high vacuum conditions.

Low Internal Velocity

Minimum degradation of share-sensitive media, and can also handle highly viscous materials having pseudo-plastic characteristics.


Due to the reversible rotation capabilities, progressive cavity pumps can perform with equal efficiency in either direction.

Silent Running

Rotors turn inside a resilient stator and thus generate little noise.

Seperate Bearing Housing

Fluids can be pumped without contamination.

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