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Municipal Wastewater Equipment

Carotek offers wastewater processing equipment to solve most municipal treatment needs. As a municipal wastewater equipment distributor, we carry industry-leading brands. For example, Smith & Loveless is a prominent manufacturer of pre-engineered treatment and headworks systems for municipal wastewater treatment plants. Carotek also carries Syneco Systems for odor control applications for municipal wastewater treatment systems, and many others.

Water Processing EquipmentPista® Grit Removal System

  • Efficient grit removal including 955 down to 140 mesh (105 microns) particle size on PISTA® 360™ with V-FORCE BAFFLE™
  • V-FORCE BAFFLE™ eliminates need for downstream level control
  • No underwater wearing parts
  • No routine maintenance on submerged elements
  • Wide range of daily flow variations without performance loss



  • Combines flash-mixing, flocculation, clarification, sludge collection and sludge thickening in one unit operation and tank
  • Minimal chemicals required because of the “seeding” principle
  • Provides a stable process operation less dependent on incoming flow variations
  • Deep clear water zone

Kraus-Fall Peripheral Feed Clarifier

  • Ideal for applications with high infiltration/inflow
  • Promotes efficient solids and liquid separation
  • Higher allowable overflow rates for peak and variable conditions
  • Reduces density currents by introducing the flow near the sludge blanket

MBR Treatment Systems 

Municipal Water Treatment Systems

Innovative membrane bioreactors, patented sludge busting biological processes and complete extended aeration plants, all pre-engineered systems, factory built and field erected.  All systems are tailored to meet design requirements for centralized and decentralized off-grid applications.

Odor Control 

Made easy with Syneco Systems.  Equipment includes dry air scrubbers, odor control manhole insets, vent filters and inflow protector inserts along with media, biological and chemical products. 


  • Dry Air Scrubbers
  • Odor Control Manhole Inserts
  • Odor Control Vent Filters
  • Inflow Protector Inserts


  • Media – Converting/Polishing media used in los H²S conditions
  • Biological Inoculants – Facultative anaerobic natural occurring bacteria used for control of H²S in open ponds, tanks, lagoons, collection lines and wastewater treatment plant
  • Chemicals – Odor countervailants, odor neutralizers, and odor counteractants

Earthtek Packaged Wastewater Systems

Earthtek makes installation of a wastewater system turnkey.  Their packaged wastewater plants cover Pumping wastewater collection systems, Aerobic Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Wastewater Treatment,  as well as Primary & Secondary tanks.

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