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Intertec Instrument Enclosures

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Carotek is an authorized distributor and representative for Intertec in NC and SC.  Intertec instrumentation enclosures include Diabox, Unibox, and Multibox.  Intertec products are a natural extension for our field instruments from Endress+Hauser and heat tracing products from Thermon.


Intertec Instrumentation Enclosures Applications

Intertec Instrument Enclosure

  • Analyzing technology
  • Communications technology  
  • Extreme climatic conditions
  • Field instrumentation
  • Safety technology
  • Traffic technology

Intertec has several product lines for instrumentation enclosures including Diabox, Unibox and Multibox. 


Diabox includes the models 87, 107, 137 and 187.  Diabox is a 2 part enclosure that opens diagonally for easy access to the field for upkeep and maintenance.  It is both rear and bottom tube entry.  It comes in 3 different sizes ranging from 87 to 187 liters/ 3.07 to 6.6 ft3 and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.


Unibox comes in only one model.  Unibox is a two part enclosure with bottom tube entry.  It has a large top half that folds away for easy access on all sides for maintenance and upkeep.  It comes in four sizes ranging from 43 to 63 liters/ 1.5 to 2.2 ft3.  Multibox includes the models 25, 48, 60, 70, 80, 100, 150, and 170.


Multibox is a top or bottom entry with a two part enclosure that is mounted either vertically or horizontally.  The deep or shallow section is used as the door.  This makes every part of the equipment easily accessible.  The instrumentation is mounted through C-rails.  It comes in seven standard sizes that provide volumes from 25 liters/ 0.88 to 6 ft3.

Intertec Instrument Enclosure Outdoors


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