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Viking Pump Inline Strainers

No pump is complete without an inline strainer to protect your process equipment by removing unwanted contaminants from fluid.  Inline Strainers help reduce your maintenance costs and reduce your downtime. They protect pipelines, pumping and downstream systems by preventing solids or foreign materials from entering the pump. Their low cost relative to your equipment costs make inline strainers a "must-have" item in your process equipment systems to protect pumps, flow meters, valves, heat exchangers, boilers, filters, spray nozzles, cooling towers, burners and more.

When foreign objects enter the production pipeline such as nails, bolts, tools, slag, rodents, birds and rocks, the results can be catastrophic. Even fine particles can create unnecessary wear on your pumps.

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Strainer Options 

viking-lid-ease-strainerViking Lid-Ease® Simplex Basket Strainer

Provide quality construction, low pressure drop and easy cleaning.

  • Quarter-turn, easy opening breech-lock lid simplifies routine cleaning.
  • Inclined basket design provides low pressure drop for high system efficiency.
  • Top basket removal eliminates the need to drain the strainer and minimizes product loss.
  • Optional magnetic inserts are available for trapping ferrous particles.
  • Optional differential pressure indicators optimize cleaning intervals.

eaton-model50-basket-duplex-strainerEaton Model 50 Plug Type Duplex Basket Strainer

Trouble free design and easy continuous operation.

  • Perfect where it is not possible to shuf off flow to stop the operation.  This may include large industrial oil burners, marine applications, cooling towers, and chemical operations.
  • Continuous flow, no shutdown for basket cleaning
  • Rugged tapered plug design
  • Lift jack prevents galling of the plug
  • Quick open cover—no tools needed
  • Large capacity baskets
  • Threaded drain
  • Machined basket seat
  • Perforated or mesh 316 stainless steel basket
  • A quick, easy to open, swing-away yoke design cover goes back on just as fast as it came off
  • Standard NPT drain taps simplify the draining of the basket chamber
  • All sizes come with mounting legs for bolting the strainer to the floor for a rock solid installation

eaton-model53-duplex-strainerEaton Model 53BTX Ball Type Duplex Basket Strainer

Continuous operation, easy basket servicing and compact size.

  • Dynamic sealing design for long life
  • Easy-to-operate lever handle—no gear box required
  • Unique seat and seal design requires no adjustments
  • PTFE Teflon® seats for longer service life
  • Foot pads for rock solid installation
  • Double-stem O-rings for positive sealing
  • Easy to access body vent valve
  • Side drain plugs on each basket well
  • Piston seal strainer basket cover
  • Easy access for diverter cartridge removal
  • 316 stainless steel ball design

eaton-y-strainerEaton Model 85 Y Strainer

Engineered to withstand aggressive industrial and commercial applications. Optional blow-off connection permit cleaning without removal.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Compact design
  • Bolted or threaded covers
  • Standard stainless steel screens
  • Suitable for liquid, gas or steam
  • Synthetic fiber gaskets

The technical application specialists at Carotek are readily available to assist you in choosing the proper strainer to meet any specifications. Contact the Carotek staff today for assistance.

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