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Sanitary Process Instrumentation

e=h logoCarotek specializes in offering Endress +Hauser and K-Patents sanitary process instrumentation for applications in the food and beverage industry, as well as biotech and life sciences.  No matter what certification levels you need,  Carotek can help you meet them.

Endress + Hauser Food & Beverage Hygienic Instrumentation

Endress + Hauser designs and manufactures a complete line of 3-A, FDA and EHEDG approved mass flow meters, level, analytical measurement and pressure and temperature instrumentation to meet the needs of the food & beverage industry.

  • Profit from Endress+Hauser experience, accurate measurements, support and innovations by increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Easily meet regulations for hygiene in food safety with products that have proven their worth.
  • Capture fully traceable production data for your process operation, and track maintenance activities to ensure quality of sensor performance. 
  • Choose from traceable and accredited calibration services at your facility or in our lab with 24/7 access to your data.

eh-hygienic-instrumentsWe use hygienic GRAS materials listed in CFR21 part 175 through 186 and according to EN1935/2004.  We design hygienically according to 3-A and EHEDG standards to ensure cleanability.  We provide the hygienic process connections you need to complete the system.  Hygienic conductivity sensors allows the highest levels of sanitary safety using PEEK sensor material and Following CFR 21 Part 175-186.  We recommend CLS54 & CLD134, as well as OUSAF11.

CIP  (Clean in Place) processes can be optimized with Endress + Hauser products.  Measure all the critical parameters in your CIP process such as percent concentration, temperature, velocity, leakage detection, tank level, interface detection or suspended solids.  Achieve maximum scrubbing effect, measure phase separation, and determine when one cycle ends and the next should begin.  Shorten cleaning cycles, save energy, and use less cleaning agents.

For more information about our 3-A  hygienic instrumentation, contact Carotek today!

Dairy Processing Examples

Milk handling automation uses Promass Coriolis sensors for Inline quality control supporting best-in-class processes to keep production costs down.  Inline measurements are more effective because they provide accurate, real-time data, allowing you to react quickly to changing process conditions.

dairy lineMilk heating & pasteurization uses Flow Sensor PromagH100 to ensure the minimum safety temperature is reached and kept for only the necessary holding time.  Its integrated conductivity measurement allows on the spot phase shift operations.

Heat exchanger dairy temperature control uses iTherm QuickSens and QuickNeck.  QuickSens supplies the correct temperature value three times faster than any other sensor, as the t90 time shows. The accuracy and the response time ensures that no energy is wasted and the product is not exposed to more thermal stress than necessary. QuickNeck enables you to calibrate the entire control loop without using tools or interrupting the process.

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K-Patents Sanitary Process Refractometers for the food and beverage industries

K-Patents PR-43-A and PR-23-A Sanitary Refractometers enable accurate in-line Brix and concentration measurements and control in dairy, liquid food and beverage applications. K-Patents 3-A Sanitary approved and EHEDG certified refractometers are ideal for hygienic processing, where in-line monitoring and control can help to improve product quality and reduce costs.

  • Real-time in-line monitoring and control of Brix and concentration.
  • Low and high concentration alarms can be configured.
  • Recipe management and record process data for every batch or lot via Ethernet.
  • 3A Sanitary approved and EHEDG tested.



K-Patents Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-A
Compact or probe refractometer and user selectable graphical user interface for hygienic installations.


Certified by


K-Patents Sanitary Refractometer PR-23-A
Compact or probe refractometer and Indicating transmitter.


Certified by


Endress + Hauser Life Sciences and BioTech Hygienic Instrumentation

eh-hygienic-instrumentsEndress + Hauser boasts the largest selection of instrumentation that meet life sciences industry standards.  We help you reach high levels of process optimization, higher plant availability and continuous improvement. You can rely on our engineering and support services.  Endress + Hauser offers experienced engineers that become part of your team to take responsibility for product specifications to make plant availability and reliability a core objective.  Standardization will be achieved and communicated to all involved in plant operations as well as skid suppliers. 

Pharmaceutical companies, where precision is vital, are recognizing manufacturers who are offering innovative products that make their jobs easier and safer. Endress+Hauser is proud to be among a group of elite manufacturers named "All-Star Innovator" by Pharma Manufacturing in 2014. The magazine recognized the Liquiline CM44 Multichannel Transmitter as a top prospect in the pharmaceutical industry for its EtherNet/IP capability, hot plug and play recognition, and device scalability.

Endress + Hauser world-class instruments are designed to ASME-BPE standards.  GxP’s requirements and design specifications are our focus: the offering is permanently adapted to current industry regulations such as USP, ASME BPE (material of construction, internal and external surface roughness, process connection design). Open communication standards allow for seamless integration into all relevant DCS and AMS systems. They meet stringent GxP regulations.

biotech image

All plastic and elastomer components are subjected to in-vivo and in-vitro testing according to USP Class VI and documented. Devices internal surface roughness is certified (Ra<0.38µm). We also comply with FDA whitelist 21 CFR 177 and US Pharmacopeia standards.

Optimal product applications include:

  • Analytical calibration complexity is made easy with Memosens
  • Easy and fast calibration with iTherm Quickneck
  • Optimal temperature measurement with QuickSens
  • Heartbeat technology for auto-diagnostic and effortless verification

Fermentation example:

Fermentation in bioreactors process efficiency depends highly on the right conditions so microorganisms or mammalian’s cells can thrive and yields can be maximized. We take into consideration: Fragility of living organisms and cells, foam on medium surface, change of medium density, small vessels with limited space and temperature shocks caused by the CIP-SIP phases.

Kaiser Optical Instruments, a E+H Company is a leader in Raman Spectrometers to monitor chemical or biological processes with little maintenance.

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K-Patents Process Refractometers for the Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

K-Patents PR-43-A and PR-23-A Sanitary Refractometers enable accurate in-line Brix and concentration measurements and control in in the biochemical and pharma processes. The purpose is to control the raw and in-process materials in order to achieve the right first time status of zero defects.

  • Records process data for every batch or lot via the Ethernet.
  • Ideal for the PAT (Process Analytical Technology) framework.
  • Ideal for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in the production of API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
  • Sanitary 3-A approved and EHEDG certified.


K-Patents Pharma Refractometer PR-43-PC
Compact refractometer and user selectable graphical user interface for hygienic installations. Optional laboratory test cuvette for off-line laboratory testing and validation.


Certified by

pharma PR-23-AC

K-Patents Pharma Refractometer PR-23-AC 
Compact refractometer and Indicating transmitter for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Optional laboratory test cuvette for off-line laboratory testing and validation. 


Certified by 


K-Patents Sanitary Compact Refractometer PR-23-AC
For hygienic installations in small pipe line sizes of 2.5 inch and smaller.


Certified by 


Whatever your hygienic instrumentation needs,  be sure to contact your Carotek Instrumentation Product Application Engineer for the best possible solution.

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