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Fuel Transfer & Ammonia Process Skids

The Power Generation Industry can benefit significantly by utilizing Carotek to build process skids for a capital efficient plant construction project.  We have experience and expertise in Natural Gas Combined Cycle Process Skids of all types.

Carotek offers the following in state of the art process skid systems:

fuel oil transfer skidfuel oil skid

Fuel Oil Transfer Pump System Skids, Fuel Oil Unloading Skids, Railcar Unloading Skids and Fuel Delivery Skids

  • Centrifugal and Positive Displacement pump systems with meters, air eliminators, emergency shut-off and complete control packages are standard for Carotek for these systems.

Gas Turbine Skids and Raw Water Pump Station Skids

Custody Transfer Skid

  • Custody Transfer with PD meters or Coriolis meters including valves, electrical controls, and proven system for calibration service.

De-mineralized Water Skid

  • Stainless Steel ANSI Centrifugal pumps, Stainless pipe and valves, electrical controls and bypass piping and orifices.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Process Skids, Coal Desulfurization Process Skid

  • Ammonia and/or Urea based SCR systems including pumping systems, injections systems and vaporizer systems.

Ammonia Vaporizer Skids, Ammonia Injection Skids, Ammonia Transfer Skid

  • Low vapor pressure, low NPSH, high pressure Ammonia pumping systems including all piping, electrical controls and emergency shutoff.

ammonia vaporizer skid 

ammonia injection skid 

ammonia transfer skid

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