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How to Select and Size Process Flow Control Valves

Filtration & Strainer Selection Guide Knowing how to size and select flow control valves affects the ability to control any industrial process. Beyond that, knowledge of proper industrial valve sizing and selection also has a major impact on the overall cost of a project. Read Carotek’s Valves Selection Guide to understand the process valve sizing and selection.

How to Select and Size Filtration & Strainers

Filtration & Strainer Selection Guide Correctly sizing and selecting industrial, commercial or municipal filtration and strainers can reduce process downtime and maintenance time while improving product quality. Read the Carotek Filtration & Strainers Selection Guide as your first step.

How to Select and Size a Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Selection Heat exchanger sizing and selection requires a combination of knowledge of the heat exchanger types and options as well as knowledge of the application and environment where the unit operates. Read this guide as your first step.

How to Select the Right Industrial Blower for your Applications

Industrial Blower Selection Specifying the best Industrial Blower for your application requires a few details to choose the blowers that enhance productivity and the bottom line.  After reading this guide, you will understand how the right blower will help reach and exceed your goals.

What Carotek offers Commercial and Institutional Plumbing

Carotek 2/22/2020
Carotek Commercial Plumbing Products If you are an engineer, system designer or support plumbing operations in commercial and institutional buildings, Carotek offers commercial and institutional grade plumbing products, technical support and training.

Hemp Market Proven! Ethanol Extraction CBD Oil Pumps

Looking for CBD Oil low temperature ethanol pumps for CBD oil extraction? Carotek offers 2 Viking Pump models that go as low as -80C and pump 100 - 200 PSI.

Logix 3800 Digital Positioner - One Touch Calibration for Hazardous Environments

Compatible with linear and rotary valves and actuators, the Logix 3800 digital positioner offers embedded measurement, data reduction, and diagnostic functionalities. Its control system-independent user interface facilitates easy configuration, operation and system diagnostics with a single view.

What are the Four Classic Energy Measurements in Water (Head) ?

There are four classic water energy measurements, often called "Head", that you need to know. Grundfos sums them up here for you.

What are the Best Valves for Pulp & Paper Plants

There are many considerations for valve selection for Pulp and Paper plants. Download two great resources for learning how to select the right valve for your individual applications like basis weight control, paper stock, liquor, steam, dilution water control, abrasive Kaolin clay slurry, and trash recycling.

Carotek solves customer's leaky seal and pump cavitation problem

Unloading polymer tote contents due to a product manufacturer shipping the wrong gland for a seal that had recently been installed in a pump system.