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Detect Gas Leaks Quickly in your Facilities

Monitor and Detect dangerous gas levelsGas leaks can quickly turn into a major catastrophe in your facility. At Carotek, we offer solutions with products that can monitor and detect dangerous gas levels in your facility and prevent gas leak disasters. This article details gas monitoring solutions for water & wastewater facilities as well as gas boiler & mechanical rooms.

Prevent Dust Explosions at your Plant

Prevent Plant Dust ExplosionsOne minor dust explosion at a plant can turn into a fire that consumes the entire plant in a matter of minutes.  At Carotek, we can offer solutions with products that can prevent dust explosions.

Solve Institutional Hot Water Requirements: Prevent Legionella and Water-Borne Pathogens

Control Panel Specification GuideCarotek and Armstrong have the institutional hot water solution you need for delivering hot water safely and efficiently to your buildings. Learn more about protecting people from Legionella, and water borne bacteria.

Water/Wastewater Systems Problems Guide

Control Panel Specification GuideAshcroft has created a Water/Wastewater Solutions Guide for pressure & temperature instrumentation that will help you prevent problems from ocurring by selecting the right equipment. Download the guide now.

Two Challenging Valve Applications - Fly Ash Service & Recycle Paper Mill

DeZurik Case Studies Two Challenging Applications - Fly Ash Service and Recycle Paper Mill Cyclone Cleaner - achieve noteworthy performance improvements with High Performance DeZURIK Valves. Find out how they increased the life of the valves and decreased maintenance.

Grundfos Commercial HVAC Guide - Summer 2020

Filtration & Strainer Selection GuideCooling coil condensate is an important aspect of HVAC system design and should be carefully considered to avoid major issues in the future. Learn about the most common causes issues observed in this guide.

What Carotek offers Commercial and Institutional Plumbing

Carotek 2/22/2020
Carotek Commercial Plumbing Products If you are an engineer, system designer or support plumbing operations in commercial and institutional buildings, Carotek offers commercial and institutional grade plumbing products, technical support and training.

Logix 3800 Digital Positioner - One Touch Calibration for Hazardous Environments

The Flowserve Logix 3800 digital positioner helps plant owners and operators maximize production while minimizing operating costs, even in hazardous environments like the oil & gas and chemical industries.

What are the Four Classic Energy Measurements in Water (Head) ?

There are four classic water energy measurements, often called "Head", that you need to know. Grundfos sums them up here for you.

DeZURIK Factory - Behind the Scenes

Carotek recently visited the DeZURIK factory in Schaumberg, IL for a factory tour and specialized training. See what they learned!