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Evoguard Valves by Krones

Evoguard LogoCarotek is an exclusive representative for Krones Evoguard Hygienic & Aseptic Valves and Pumps in NC, SC, VA, GA, TNCarotek represents process critical Evoguard products for for all industries having hygienic or aseptic process requirements such as food grade, beverage grade and pharma/biopharma grade. We offer both pre-sale and post-sale service and technical support for the products we sell. We are a stocking location for parts and units. We offer in-house and on-site maintenance training for all products that we sell.   

Krones Evoguard Hygienic Products

Krones Evoguard Valves are designed specifically for both Hygienic and Aseptic applications.  Evoguard prides itself on market innovative products with superior performance levels.   Evoguard valves and pumps meet the highest safety standards and work reliably in continuous operation. Whether pumping, isolating, diverting or controlling your sanitary or aseptic process flows, Evoguard has the optimal products for the job.   Evoguard benefits include:

  • Clear parts identification
  • High process reliability
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Compact drive concept
  • Certified product quality
  • Rugged components
  • Consistent integration in the process
  • Design according to the statutory requirements of EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG
  • Design inspected by the TÜV Süd (Technical Inspection Agency): pressure test, safety test, strength test and many more.

Ex certification logoTUV OHSAS18001TUV ISO9001

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Hygienic Valves 

The Evoguard Valve products include:

Shut-Off Valves


 Butterfly valve hygienic

Butterfly Valve B

 Hygienic Seat Valve

Seat Valve S

 hygienic shuttle valve

Shuttle Valve SC

 hygienic overflow valve

Overflow Valve O

 hygienic control valve

Control Valve R




Shut-Off and Blocking Valves


 Hygienic Double Seal Valve

Double Seal Valve D

 Double Seat Valve

Double Seat Valve ML

 Double Seat Tank Bottom Valve

Double Seat Tank Bottom Valve MT



Evoguard Aseptic Valves

With its new modular system of parts for aseptic valves, Evoguard offers the right components for all applications within the aseptic process. The aseptic valves prevent contamination of the product because they are hermetically sealed off from the atmosphere, creating a microbiological barrier along your production routes. Products include:

Shut-Off Valves


 aseptic seat valve

Aseptic Seat Valve SA

 aseptic control valve

Aseptic Control Valve RA



Shut-Off and Blocking Valves


 aseptic double seat valve

Aseptic Double Seat Valve MA

 Sampling Valves

Sampling Valves & Systems


Evoguard Pumps

In addition to reliable shut-off and blocking valves, Evoguard also now supplies innovative recirculation pumps that meet the highest requirements for product quality, hygiene and energy costs.  Learn More about Evoguard Pumps.

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