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Eaton Filtration

Eaton Filtration LogoCarotek represents and distributes Eaton industrial filter and strainer products throughout Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Eaton filtration products are designed to meet distinct requirements for process filtration.  Eaton’s industry leading liquid filtration products ensure clean and pure output in industries like petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, industrial and municipal water, marine, automotive, agriculture, power generation, and commercial markets.

Why Choose Eaton Filters & Strainers?

Eaton stands apart in the industry for both the breadth and depth of its filtration solutions. Consolidating engineering, manufacturing, and support into a global filtration business makes Eaton one of the most specialized players in industrial & commercial filtration.  In addition, Eaton Filtration has united a long history of leading products through the acquisition of several leading brands. Today Eaton filtration products also include a host of reputable products from legacy brands including:

  • Hayward Y-strainers and basket strainers
  • Ronningen-Petter automatic strainers
  • Zurn automatic strainers
  • GAF bag filters and housings
  • Loeffler bag filters and housings
  • Begerow - BECO depth filters, stacked disc cartridges, filter cartridges, plate filtration systems, and cartridge housings
  • Wright Austin gas liquid separators & exhaust heads for steam, air and gas applications

Eaton Filtration Warranty

Filtration products manufactured by Eaton are warranted against defects for 18 months after shipment or 12 months after startup. This limited warranty demonstrates the company’s confidence in the high quality of their filtration products.

How Do Process Filtration Systems Work?

Process filtration systems are designed to clean and treat substances like water, chemicals, and gases. These filtration systems form an important part of most industrial processes, in applications like pharmaceutical, chemicals and coatings, food and beverage, water treatment, oil and gas, and more. A well designed and maintained filtration system reduces maintenance costs and improves process efficiency.

Each industrial filtration system is designed according to the properties of the material and the contaminants (or by products) that are being removed, as well as the process needs. Filtration solutions may range from a basket strainer that can remove products as small as 40 µm (microns) or depth filters that can filter down to .1 µm. The ideal filtration solution also depends on whether the process can be interrupted to change or clean filters, and whether automatic cleaning is necessary. The design and quality of the filtration system is essential to protect downstream equipment such as meters, pumps, compressors, traps, valves and filters from damage due to contamination.

Automatic Self Cleaning Strainers & Filters

Eaton Ronningen Petter Automatic StrainerAutomatic self-cleaning pipeline strainers and filters protect valuable equipment from debris, with the added benefits of continuous flow and streamlined maintenance. Automatic self-cleaning filters from Eaton include mechanically cleaned filters, high flow mechanically cleaned strainers, tubular backwashing filters, and automated custom cast and fabricated pipeline strainers.

Mechanically cleaned filters from Eaton (formerly Ronningen-Petter) are the finest automatic self-cleaning filters available, featuring improved flow, minimal loss of product, and reduced operator intervention. For low product loss and few wear parts, look to the MCF & MCS magnetically coupled series. For reliable and economical operation with higher viscosity liquids, look to the DCF series. Eaton also has incorporated the Zurn line of automatic strainers.

Beverage Treatment Filter Products

Eaton filtration products for beverage treatment are used in many stages of beverage production, such as juice/mash extraction, clarification, fermentation, fining, deacidification, and stabilization. Filtration systems help increase beverage shelf life and stability.

Depth Filters

Eaton BecoDisc Stacked Disc FiltersEaton develops top-quality depth filter media for a wide range of applications, including depth filter sheets, depth filter capsules, stacked disc cartridges, and filtration systems.

BECO depth filter sheets are suited for various specialized applications including liquid filtration, pharmaceutical manufacturing, clarifying filtration, high quality spirit filtration, and highly viscous liquid filtration.

Eaton’s Begerow product line includes advanced filtration technologies like:

  • Stacked disc cartridges made from BECO depth filter sheets to form individual cartridge cells
  • Automated StepFlow and manually operated filtration systems
  • Depth filter cartridges made from high quality, wrapped or pleated material layers and membrane filter cartridges designed for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other high purity applications
  • Cartridge housings for the sanitary and high purity industries made from stainless steel and mechanically or electrolytically polished

Gas Liquid Separators

Eaton Gas Liquid Separators - Wright-AustinA gas liquid separator removes more than 99% of all damaging moisture, as well as particles of solids that are larger than 10 microns. Carotek offers Eaton gas/liquid separation products including in-line separators, two-stage separators, separator exhaust heads, separator drain traps, coalesce separators, dry type separators, and internal separators.

Eaton’s Wright-Austin air/liquid separators created the industry standard for steam, air, and gas applications. Made from materials ranging from cast iron and cast steel to fabricated carbon steel, gas/liquid separators remove entrained droplets and particles from process gas. Exhaust heads are designed for use at the end of a vent, to reduce droplets and particles in exhaust.

Pipeline Basket Strainers

Eaton Basket StrainerPipeline strainers protect components of the process system from damage due to pipeline debris. These strainers include simplex and duplex industrial basket strainers, Y-strainers (Wye strainers), and fabricated strainers.

Eaton (formerly Hayward) Basket and Y-Strainers led the industry with their innovative design, protecting pipeline system components from dirt and debris, and at the same time allowing process media to flow freely. These simplex and duplex basket strainers are available with baskets made from materials from stainless steel or specialty alloys. Hayward basket strainers come in carbon steel, stainless steel and specialty alloys. Options include steam jacketing, Tefzel lining, as well as a variety of perforated thermoplastic or metal screens.

Portable Filters

Portable filtration allows flexibility to move the self-contained filtration system wherever it is needed. Eaton's Flowash™ portable filter line is compact, self-contained, easy to operate, and available in two sizes: industrial filter cart and basic filter cart.

Bag Filters & Housings

Eaton Bag Filters and HousingsBag filters and housings provide low cost, versatile liquid bag filtration solutions for a range of applications. Bag filter options range from sewn filter bags to welded, multi-layer bags. Single and multibag filter housings offer high performance design, and heavy duty investment-cast components. Side inlet configurations, designed to flow through the top to minimize headroom of unfiltered liquid, provide optimum sealing and easy bag change-out. With legacy products from GAF and Loeffler, Eaton has the most diverse bag filtration offering on the market.

The technical application specialists at Carotek are readily available to assist you in choosing the proper strainer to meet any specifications. Contact the Carotek staff today for assistance.

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