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Custom Seal Pot Pressure Vessels

Custom Seal Pots can be manufactured based on your exact specifications. We will quote your pressure tanks according to your drawings or can work with you to collaborate on the right design drawings for your application.  We provide expert application assistance. We specialize in seal pots for the following fluid applications.

  • Chemicals
  • Toxic
  • Epa regulated
  • Expensive
  • Hazardous


Typical Custom Seal Pot FeaturesCarotek Seal Pot PTU ANSI Plan 52

  • Pressurized barrier fluid circulation tank to ensure media will not leak into atmosphere
  • Designed to ASME Section VIII, Division 1 standards
  • Available to build to (U) and (UM) stamps, registered with national board
  • Formation of fluid between seal faces provide a longer seal life
  • Modular design for various combinations of instruments and components
  • Available with refill pumps, slide brackets, transmitters, switches and cooling coils

Typical Specifications

  • Tank Capacity                       2 Gallon, 3 Gallon, or 5 Gallon
  • Operating Pressure               400 PSI @ 200°F
  • Tank Material                        304/304L
  • Cooling Capacity Coil            1/2" x 0.065" wall seamless tube; 20' long 316/316L
  • Level Gauge                          Weld Pad– Size 3
  • Hydrostatic Test Pressure      525 PSI
  • Allowable Temp                    -20° F to 200° F
  • Fill Port                                 3/4" NPT
  • Seal Connections                   1/2" NPT
  • Level Switch Connections      3/4" NPT


  • Pressure Regulator specific to your application
  • Pressure Indicator 2 ½" Dial - Pressure specific to your application
  • Explosion Proof Ultrasonic Level Switch
  • Code Stamp available either (U) or (UM)

 Seal Pot Photo Gallery

Sealpot Tank Assembly Barrier Fluid with Continuous Level


Sealpot Accumulator Tank assembly with Heat Exchanger

Sealpot-Accumulator Tank assembly w Heat Exchanger

Seal Pot Bare Tank


Sealpot ANSI Plan 53A


Sealpot API Plan 52


Sealpot Plan ANSI 53A Pump Skid


Seal Pots ANSI Plan 53


Seal Pot Process Skids in Shop

Seal Pot Skids in carotek shop

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