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Control System Calibration & Training

Industrial Control Panel Startup ServiceCarotek offers unparalleled startup assistance to get your control panel system up and running quickly, operator training to ensure system integrity, and 24/7 services when needed. This includes:

•    Factory qualified technicians
•    Start-Up services
•    Operator/User training
•    Instrument calibration & repair
•    Field Troubleshooting
•    Plant & system audits

Certified Technician Control Panels Startup 

Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturers of our components.  This ensures that they always have the most up-to-date knowledge to properly setup your systems. We will come to your facilities with our control panels and provide startup assistance to ensure that everything is working correctly.  This includes startup testing to ensure compliance with any required standards. Our team also will ensure all instruments are calibrated correctly and repair/replace any existing instrumentation as needed.  We will troubleshoot to ensure complete system integrity before leaving the job site.

We offer complete training services.  Choose from individualized training of your primary operators, who can then train others in your facility; or complete staff training.

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