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Condensate Pumps

Electric Condensate PumpsCarotek has significant expertise in the application of pumps for the movement of condensate.

Condensate pumping brings a great deal of challenges that require both the proper selection of type pump to be used and the correct installation of the pump. We proudly offer products from Armstrong International, Grundfos and MTH that are specifically designed to solve the problems surrounding the pumping of condensate.

Armstrong International offers both electric condensate pump packages and mechanical steam or air powered pump packages (pressure powered pumps).

Electric Condensate Pump

The electric condensate pump package has advantages such as:

  • Small package size
  • Excellent for returning cooler condensate
  • Inexpensive initial purchase price
  • Low inlet height requirements
  • Can operate against high back pressure

Unfortunately, they also have several disadvantages including high maintenance cost on hot condensate applications due to NPSH issues, electrical safety in wet areas and units must have a 3:1 safety factor on receiver for condensate cooling.

Pressure Powered Pump

They have advantages over electric condensate pumps including:

  • No seals, motors or impellers thus lower maintenance

    Electric Condensate Pumps

  • Sized for actual condensate load
  • No need for a 3:1 safety factor
  • Can be used in closed loop applications
  • Single trade to install and repair
  • Can return hotter condensate in closed-loop systems increasing efficiency and reducing Carbonic acid potential
  • Often the superior choice for long term reliability¬†

CR Pump

Grundfos offer the CR series of vertical multistage pumps that are ideal for condensate pumping applications offering high discharge pressures in a compact design. Carotek has utilized numerous CR pumps in packages over the years with great success. Their reliability and long term cost effectiveness is without rival.

Condensate Pumping Packages

The CR product line incorporates numerous features.

  • Low NPSH impeller option
  • Multiple materials of construction
  • Cartridge seal for simple replacement
  • High pressure output
  • Integral VFD/controller option
  • High efficiency design

Turbine Pump

Condensate Pumping Packages

MTH manufactures a wide range of pumps including regenerative turbine models that are ideal for high head, low flow applications. These pumps are ideal for the low NPSH requirements of higher temperature condensate and are commonly used for small boiler feed applications.

Contact Carotek today to review your condensate pumping application. Ask us about our complete condensate system audit capability.

How Can We Help?

No matter what your condensate pumping application needs are, Carotek can recommend the appropriate pump package for your process. Call your Carotek steam specialist today to get a proposal for your pump requirements. To request a quote it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Electric or steam powered
  • Open or closed loop
  • Condensate load
  • Steam motive pressure
  • System back pressure

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