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Analytical Measurement Equipment

analytical-instrumentationCarotek is your source for all aspects of analytical measurement systems.  We offer reliable analytical measuring solutions for all manufacturing processes as well as municipalities and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications.

We represent

Endress+Hauser, a pioneering leader in the field of industrial measurement systems and automation.

Kaiser Optical Systems, a leader in Raman Spectrometers for solving process problems.  Raman is a unique technology that can be used in many industries to monitor chemical or biological processes with little maintenance.

Macurco, a manufacturer of industry proven gas detection transmitters that are rugged and versatile. The transmitters are ready to use in harsh and hazardous environments while providing dual sensing capability and data-logging options.

SpectraSensors, a leading global provider of laser-based process instrumentation.  Used by world-class natural gas and petrochemical companies, our laser based analyzers ensure the highest levels of efficiency with reliable measurements and low cost of operation.

K-Patents, known worldwide for in-line liquid measurement of concentration and liquid density. K-Patents supplies Process Refractometers that are used in thousands of industrial applications around the world.

Analytical Instrumentation Products include:

  • pH / ORP
  • Memosens Technology
  • Chlorine
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • UV, Visible, Near IR Photometers
  • Raman Spectrometers
  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzers
  • Colorimetric Analyzers
  • Ammonia / Nitrate Ion Selective Electrodes
  • Auto Samplers
  • Refractometers
  • Oxygen Analyzers
  • H2S Analyzers
  • Gas Detection - Fixed & Wireless

Analytical technologies and industries include:









Dissolved Oxygen

Power, feed water


Dissolved solids


Fermentation, emulsions, effluent

Chemical Analysis


  • pH – Industrial pH sensors can be used for the measurement of hydrogen ion activity. It is the most widely used liquid analysis measurement and is found in all industries
  • ORP- ORP measurement equipment is used to monitor chemical reactions quantify electron activity or determine the oxidizing or reducing properties of solutions. ORP is a specialized measurement that can follow the progress of a chemical reaction that involves the loss and gain of electrons between species in solution
  • Conductivity – a common measuring technique. Conductivity is a straight forward and reliable way to determine the purity of water, or the concentration of an acid or alkali
  • Chlorine - a chemical widely used throughout industry, especially in water/wastewater treatment. As a common last step of water treatment, chlorination takes place not only to destroy remaining bacteria but to prevent bacteria growth in water pipe systems which deliver clean water to households and industrial locations
  • Dissolved Oxygen – the measurement of dissolved oxygen is especially important in wastewater treatment facilities.  The level of dissolved oxygen determines the life span of micro-organisms in activated sludge basins which break down solid materials. Dissolved oxygen measurement technologies are a benefit to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for measuring oxygen levels in controlled environments for micro-organism growth
  • Turbidity – the process of measuring solids content or suspended solids in wastewater. Most countries have strong regulation regarding getting rid of sludge. Sludge has to be removed from the primary clarifier, recirculated as activated sludge in the biology and separated from the treated water in the secondary clarifier. The process of separating sludge from water is an important cost factor in waste water treatment
  • Chemical Analysis - The reduction or elimination of certain chemicals during the treatment process ensures clean water is introduced back into the environment. This affects all of our rivers, lakes and underground water sources

How Can We Help?

Contact the Carotek technical applications specialist to assist in your analytical measurement application needs. Whatever your application need, Carotek can customize a solution to provide you with optimum performance, low maintenance, and a long operational life. To request a quote, it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Liquid
  • Viscosity
  • Corrosive Nature
  • Flowrate (GPM)
  • Pressure needed in PSI or Feet of Head
  • Temperature Range
  • Abrasive nature
  • Pipeline size

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